Saturday, July 26, 2014

All I had was lemon's and then something came to visit.......

Hey there, how have you been? This is all I had taken a picture of in the past week and thought I can hardly just post about 3 lemons off the tree.....the orange was bought at the store
Happy with the lemons though and heaps on the tree but it just does not want to release them lol

Friday we drove down to catch up with Mum and then over to pick up this interesting device
It is called a parkit360 and battery driven to move caravans or in our case the fifth wheeler

It is supposed to move this without the use of our car once back home
and if you go to the link prior will see exactly how

How we usually park the Winjana in our front yard

And look now parked the other way around, with the door of the Winjana now facing the house
I will get a movie of us using it when we are more comfortable, but it was pretty easy and you have a remote to work the Parkit and it is just like a super large remote control lol  The man seems pretty happy too ☺☺♥♥

And today, Saturday something came to visit........I wonder if you can guess?

Obviously it involves a railway line......

And it is going to stop at our station here for 3 HOURS and then come past this footbridge again....

No, not the Velocity train which we can catch to go all the way to Melbourne, a 2 and half hour trip.....

Goodbye Velocity, now lets see who is going to come from this direction.....


Can we see something about to appear.......

Toot toot, yes a beloved steam train.......

It was supposed to be a Y112 celebrating it's 125th birthday and also 101 years since it had been to our town but it was a bit sick so this beauty came instead 

Got to love having a good zoom......

Good old K153 I have taken many pictures over the last decade ☺☺

Without the zoom as it is about to pass right under me ☺☺☺☺ do I seem excited....

Toot Toot.....heading to the station

No one I knew was with me but you do make friends while waiting for the steam to arrive
Lots of people waited and got great pictures
I will go back down soon and just enjoy watching it go under the footbridge again
Hope you are all having a great weekend out there even with the cold weather
See you again soon xoxo


  1. It is a treat to see a steam train, isn't it, Wendy? I have seen few, but each one has been impressive and sets my imagination running toward
    adventure :) xx

    1. oh Gracie it is wonderful and always tear up when I hear the whistle xoxo

  2. I'm going to tell hubby to check out your photos.. he got to drive a steam engine when he was an engineer for Southern Pacific RR - the 4449 - the Freedom Train during the American Bi-Centennial. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Teresa I think I would love your hubby just because he drove a steam train lol, and will post the leaving pictures in a day or 2 ☺

  3. Showing my age, but I remember Puffing Billy running through Upwey when it used to do the Upper Ferntree Gully to Belgrave run. We sometimes put a penny on the line and see how thin it went, or try and make a penny out of a halfpenny. from Carl (of course)

    1. That would have been lots of fun and I would have loved to grow up in Belgrave xoxoxo

  4. How exciting to see the steam train roll through! That's an interesting bit of history. Hope you're enjoying the weekend and making something good with those lemons. :)

    1. Enjoying some fresh juice with water in the morning xo


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