Monday, October 16, 2017

Family birthday fun a 30th & 33rd ☺☺

And here are 3 of my grand kiddies.......Riley almost 5  helping baby Cooper 8mths with a microphone and Misty almost 9 busy with a book

and my nephews wife Lyndall, with baby Piper 5 mths 

Cooper being held by Pa (my ex) 

There were many there and everyone had a great time.....I was very happy catching up with so many family members 

My boy Ray dressed as cowboy....he had turned 33 

and here is Misty after having her face painted 

She wanted a selfie with me and Ray bombed us lol 

little Miss April in her cute dress 

and her Mummy Lauren turned 30 

Robbie my bro and Lynn and their daughter in law Reshele 

Luke (my bros boy) and  my Sarah 

and look Lauren had a Humphrey bear cake and I made a triple chocolate ripple for Ray with characters from close pics......

April had a rainbow painted on her ☺☺

there were lots of balloon animals made and heaps of bubbles blowing around 

Chelsea loved doing bubbles at her Nanzy lol 

my sis Julie with her grandy Jade 

and Eric is also her grandy 

April happily eating next to Pa 

Lauren's Dad Rod made up a special song for Ray and Lauren....and did a good job too lol 

we all sang loudly ♥

Chelsea sitting with her Dad Adam (my bros other boy)

sparklers on the Humphrey cake 

and here comes miss cuteness on her bike 

so lovely being with her and everyone many I did not get pics of and nothing decent of Riley or time
Now back home and me getting a little excited about the concert we are going to next Friday.....ALICE COOPER ♥♥♥♥♥♥ been a fan since 15 ☺☺
take care out there and love to all xo

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Blog catchup fun

Hello out there...... back home enjoying some low carb cooking again ☺ Amatriciana just thrown together Tomato, Salami, Cheese, Onion, Chilli with 

these neat noodles serve 2, perfect ☺

STILL working on that knitted sock, don't think I will ever complete this pair lol 

and have been enjoying watching "Downton Abbey" downloaded a few seasons and only just into season 2.......

Completed crochet scarf, now in my gift drawer  

on Sunday 8th October we had friends coming for the night so I had everything set out ready lol 

Paul was ready ☺

and so was I  ☺☺

and here is Lanie my friend of 60yrs and our other friends hubby Mark 

and Loo loo (my name for her) known her since 18 and of course my Paul 

we had great time and we slept in our fifth wheeler so Lanie had our room.....Woody was happy as it meant he could hang out with Mis Hap ☺

and on Tuesday we caught 2 country trains to visit this loving couple....Paul's Jason and lovely Jess 

Sun setting in there lovely town 

and Woody watching Jason drive us back to the station to catch train back 

and another random selfie of us having a relaxing evening home alone lol 
Will be back to post some fun family birthday fun we had yesterday (Saturday 14th October)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A fun few days and nights

Well back home and catching up on some crochet and of course enjoying watching "Great rail Journeys"

with Michael Portillo 

And we just might be in the middle of booking our next big trip for 2018 ☺☺

I am also attempting to crochet some socks, very slowly lol 

Enjoyed some Celery soup and Prawn cocktail for lunch 

Working on a scarf for someone ☺

And also back watching David Attenborough and of course more Hooking lol 

Now on Sunday night me and my girl had booked tickets to this show 

and of course Woody was to join in ☺

We did have lots of fun after the serious side of this show ♥

And here is Mark who is my youngest son's friend and part of Hucklebuck Productions who believed in this project and produced ☺☺

And Rohan here with Sarah and another friend may remember I was lucky to see his wife Christie in her London show while we were catching up with him in Melbourne Oz 

Other Mum to him......little old me lol 
It was a fab time and he is next going to be in "Brigadoon" so on our list 

On Monday, Sarah had organised to visit Grandma (my ex ma inlaw) so I joined her and surprised Grandma ☺☺ and she loved meeting Woody lol 

and Karen her daughter my sis inlaw to loved Woody  lol 

Nice pic of the four of them together......we had a nice little lunch catchup.....I then drove Sarah back home and me back home again.

Yesterday (Tuesday) Paul picked up his new specs and looks like a new man lol 
Thoughts for those caught up in sadness in our world ♥♥
May you be happy where you are xoxo