Monday, November 23, 2020

Visiting city and other things

Well hello from us ❤❤ Finally after months I got to see in person Sarah and Rex 😀 

Rex went back to work and we took mask snap before Sarah left 

My unmasked selfie lol 
We actually saw some friends and Ray Loz and kiddies no pics so happy seeing them lol
Even my bro and special wife

Woody enjoyed a different view 

Nice day looking across the Yarra river 

Beautiful  blue sky

We did many walks

Woody enjoyed hooking and watching The Mandalorian

Another walk and I could see something in the water 

A pair of swans and 2 Cygnets 
I enjoyed a nice red while watching The Chase 

Next day we did a good long walk and I noticed the top of this building

It is way off in the distance........Paul told me he read that it pops up so the window cleaners can use ropes down each side with carriage.

On  our way back later all shut again 

City getting ready for xmas 

Back home and the strawberries are looking good 

I made myself a quick seafood Mornay dish

This cactus flower is getting taller.......I had to pull it out lol

Been enjoying lots of herbal concoctions from the garden
Parsley sage rosemary thyme lemon 

Cucumber berries soda water 

Another selection

Evening drink of Gingerbeer mint berries and cucumber 

And a very tasty low carb lemon cheesecake pudding with berries and pepita seeds

Sewing something for someone for xmas 

Hammered some snaps......decades since I did this 

Gift box building up for future gifting

Last night a lovely spicey Chai tea 

Hooked up this crazy hat and scrappy pom pom 

An eye bracelet too
Weather cooler today and can finally walk outside without masks if just us. Of course still mask up in shops or groups
Well hope this finds you many very sick in other in Victoria we have had 24 days of no cases or deaths........
Take care xoxo ❤❤😀😀

Thursday, November 12, 2020

This past week

Well hello there......yes the water slide is happening now

You won't see me on it but going to be great for younger ones for sure......not opening till Jan/Feb

Still liking the low carb bread for sandwiches 

Or simple toast with other nibbles for lunch 

If you look real hard you may see the thin stick growing on my cactus.....future flower

Woody enjoying the clean lounge and watching Michael Portillo 

Last Wednesday we had a nice drive and Woody happy

Visit this little one 

He was in the bat suit I bought him and hat which is too small now lol

Kitty and Jaylen 


Showing the batwings lol 

Yummy home burger for dinner 

Fresh from the sage rosemary tea

My mess of crafting with Woody 

We enjoyed a tasty cabbage stirfry 

We went to Hogsbreath for lunch and took this pic inside resturant 

Sorting the garden a bit......sugarcane mulch around strawberries

Our fruit trees are growing ok

Many lemons coming too

Completed these neat mismatched mittens 

Mulch around the 2 tomato plants 

Zoom snap of one of them 

And our tiny capsicum plant 

The oregano has gone crazy here 

Another tasty stirfry......trying to shift some covid weight lol

Are yes more train shows to enjoy

And Michael 

Good news.......after not being allowed in city since early July we are now here......looking across the road 

An old shed now being removed for future new building complex......looked like below 

In September  2019

Anyway busy guys removing.....

Hope this post finds you well and we plan to catchup with friends and family masked up