Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cooper and April time ♥

Hello again. On Tuesday I knocked up this low carb seed bread recipe here at little green spoon blog It is easy to make and yummo for sure. Now sliced thinly and frozen. Think you would like this Teresa 

That evening Ray brought Mr Cooper and April to stay with us for a couple of nights....don't you love the tea towel bib I put on him lol 

Happy guy in our kitchen 

And yes Miss cuteness April 

Love this pic I managed to get of them both

On Wednesday we took them for our daily walk to the post office 

And a bit of supermarket shopping and April had her Woody and Cooper had mine ☺☺

April loves using my granny square blanket made by my Nanna in the 60's lol She also likes my creepy doll and bear ♥♥

She loves doing a selfie with me 

And telling me my cup of coffee was hot lol 

Little man is on the move and crawls a bit like a spider with a bad leg lol 

Loves to play with the plastic snake 

This is April's baby who had no clothes, so I crochet this crazy outfit 

Our rocky raccoon puppet which is so old the rubber is breaking up but they love it 

Granny under Granny blanket with Grandies ♥♥

Selfie with Grampa 

Cooper brought the school bus that I gave him for his 1st birthday and he had lots of fun over the 2 days playing with it.......Cute kiddies have now gone home ☺

So we are back to watching Star Trek and resting 

Today (Saturday) we walked down to the farmers market and it is a HOT day so feeling a bit tired after that......We do try to walk every day wherever we are.
Love to  you all out there xoxo

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fun in the city ♥♥

Well we have had a busy few days just doing stuff lol I completed some more mittens, actually 2 pairs 

And this soap bag and also another one....feels good to complete something.....Don't ask me about that Sophie WIP......

And something a little different here for someone ☺

A crochet net back which can hold a bit of stuff and good for the environment ☺☺

We have been watching "Stranger Things" via netflix 

And yes I always like taking random snaps in the evening lol 

And look a little doll not quite completed but happy so far ♥♥

On Friday we trained it into the city and Woody kept his eye on the passenger in front lol 

It is Chinese New Year and plenty of celebrations were happening and it was a great day for a walk 

A dragon.....these towers have flames on the hour every hour and been decorated just for the Luna Year of the dog 

This guy was spinning around a pole 

Not very crowded YET.......

This dog reminded me of Scooby Doo lol 

Many stalls of food etc were setup along the Yarra River near the Casino 

Pair of pink dogs at a stage 

And some panda's too....over the next 2 weeks lots of performing will happen here to celebrate 

This bridge used to be a railway bridge and has been kept and now a walkway over the Yarra River Sandridge_Bridge info here ☺

And we were right near to the helipad ( a bit down the River from us) so of course took a snap ☺☺

Lovely walk along the bridge 

Plenty of sculptures along the way 

Beautiful day in beautiful Melbourne 

We walked past some of the river cruise boats

And I spotted these bird sculptures, so neat under the trees......Thought they were permanent, but, On Sunday we saw them being taken away......shame, looked good.

And Friday night Brenton came to visit us and had a meal out before he caught the train back home ☺

On Saturday we took another walk back to the Casino to see their display for Lunar Year 

Oh look a Rooster and Pig ☺☺

Another lovely day and I do love seeing the old buildings, churches, among the newer  buildings ☺☺ Having been to Europe and UK I sure appreciate the buildings so much more ♥

Sarah had told me about this place Acme and some of it is free more interesting info here.....This was fixtures which span real fast with lots of flashing neat 

Anyway lots of fun and Sat night we headed out to see those flaming Dragons 

So loud and looked great so.....

I did a little movie.....just ignore the crazy young ones shouting out in the background....we had a good night and there was also White Night in Melbourne more info here he-best-and-worst-of-white-night-melbourne-2018-20180218-p4z0pt.html  I did not take any pics as was so crowded lol 

On Sunday we decided to do one of the cruises along the Yarra and had a wee drink in the neat Irish Pub PJ Obrien 

Sitting in our own little booth.....

Waiting to board our little cruise 

Hello everyone ☺☺

Going under one of the many bridges 

Looking across the boat and the chairs were just like kitchen chairs lol 

Anyway......on Monday we packed up again and left our washing on a clothes horse to dry till we return good having a washing machine. ☺☺

And today Tuesday we are expecting 2 little visitors for a night or 2 ♥♥
How has your weekend been? May the week ahead be a good one.