Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Train fun and good pub

Yes still re watching Grace and Frankie.....and still in the city 

Took a tram ride on Monday and got a snap of this building....called the city of melbourne building....have to zoom in to see these words between the balcony levels. Googled this information
Building Description:

This building was constructed in 1888 for the short-lived City of Melbourne Building Society which collapsed in the 1890's. The design eclectically combines classical elements such as columns, pilasters, aedicules and Baroque-style pediments with a picturesque roofline of steeply pitched slate roofs, wrought iron decoration and massive chimneys

Anyway on to Coburg we went to check out a market 

Just a simple fruit/veg/meat one but neat enough and one of Melbourne's oldest markets 

We later found this neat pub 

Oh yes of course I liked. Pretended we were back in Scotland lol 

Even has an old carousel horse 

Plenty of seating in main bar area 

And delishes burgers.....mine was Portabello mushroom, his basic beef and washed down with a nice cider 

This is the actual dining room we found later 

And huge beer garden out back 

Good in winter with this heater burning 

Plenty of room for sure 

Back gate we found and right near the tram at front 

And railway short walk 

Beautiful day waiting for the train 

Looking the other way 

Here comes the train Toot Toot 

Speaking of are my 4 train sets I now have in the city 
Little wooden one to the left and little Thomas battery one on the right 

Big remote control one, with little battery xmas one 

A little video I took 

And Brenton visited us too 

Nice snap of the engine 

Low carb tea last simple nibble meals 

Do you like my earings?  Broken bracelet so thought why not lol 

Making a special blanket for someone 

And last night more watching on netflix xoxoxoxo
Hello to you all out there.....

Monday, January 21, 2019

Grand fun in city

Hello again. This time on the road back to city pad last Friday.

A lovely sunset 

And nice across the Yarra River 

And yes, these 2 on Saturday, coming for a sleep over 

Helicopters were flying past heaps 

They sure love this view 

Enjoying a snack and drink in their little purple chairs 

Love this face.....April heard a tuck honking lol 

Sibling love 

Grampa putting together a Thomas Tank train track 

Enjoying the local Melbourne magazine lol 

Grampa was working on another train track we have 

Tram going by on a beautiful day 

Toot Toot a little wooden set we have 

Out we went in the arvo 

To this park near a library 

Fun on the slide 

Cooper loved this 

They had fun with Ready Set Go lol 

Wee and Woody too 

Fun with this wheel 

Sitting on a cat lol 

Back at the pad and April wanted me to take a pic of her with black lace fabric on her head 

Fellow steam train fan Cooper, love this with him 

April decided she could sleep in the big queen bed.....why not lol 

Early Sunday morning Cooper decided to play drums 

And April sang and danced "Let it Go" 

Morning tea with a view before Mum came to get them 

Grampa working on both (Monday) still in city and he has set up all 4 of my train sets....will do movie and past next time xoxoxoxo