Sunday, February 19, 2017

More Garden work and little rest between

Hey there out to you is Paul still at the garden this time has almost removed that stubborn fern using spade and axe.......

looking back over to the seat all cleaned up and ready for  painting 

other angle shot nice little area to sit and plenty of tree trimming has been done.....

a tiny praying mantis 

we escaped for a little while to have lunch with a relaxing red wine....this is a neat Irish Pub called O'ryans Irish bar and good lunch specials 

he had pork ribs and coleslaw and left the curly fries alone

I had lamb cutlets with cauli and brocc 

Woody likes to escape in the car with us lol 

I completed a hat for someone and it is really thick, good for winter 

Woody helped me start knitting something else 

that seat got painted with 2 coats and then it started to POUR....

raining heaps and there is the little hot house in the back yard which is being sold 

hooking up another  hat for a special friend

and finished quick as we were stuck inside due to weather 

also some mittens on the hook 

Paul clearing out the hothouse ready for the buys to come and dismantle 

raining running down the down pipe 

busy man xo 

knitting this with tiny circular needles.....

and hothouse now gone....all clear 

and looking back to painted seat looking good with an extra coat now while there was no rain around 

mittens complete and also going to another special friend 

I have seen heaps of these cute little skinks.....Paul caught just so I could take a pic 

it was released back into this garden area as they run around in the a lot 

teeny tiny one on the wall 

another running to hide under aircon unit......
well we continue to clear out more from this house sad and happy times you just have to role with it...
love to anyone out there that reads this and thanks Teresa for all you comments xoxo 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Garden and Steam

Well did not really mean to start with a pic of myself but, well, here I am.....this low carb thing has sure helped as now in slimmer jeans and bought this neat little top at the warehouse here in Auckland NZ

we have had good weather which of course means I can get our clothes washed and dried same day

and lots of gardening is happening here, bin number 1

this area was filled with vines and mega weeds.....could barely walk through 

and here down the side of house was also FILLED with plants/weeds etc Paul has been doing the strong Gorilla stuff of sawing/slashing/pulling....I assist with the carrying to bin and lots of sweeping

at night still doing some hooking 

we do try to do enjoyable things for an hour or 2 like driving past this theme park and I managed to get a snap of one of the rides with everyone going upside down and they rotate and swing up and down.....

we have been here before many times but not this time 

Woody usually is in my bag and enjoys getting out of the house lol 

we had a tasty lunch out at a Chinese cafe, mini yum cha without the rice and no won tons for us lol 

my new batman t-shirt....I now have 4 all different 

oh dear, what happened a bit close to some wood that was sticking out......

and yesterday (Sunday) we had a morning out and of course this made me very happy toot toot....

Glenbrook Railway info here

I just love the breathing of the engines....and this one left going backwards...

off they go

we jumped in the car and tried to find a road to get close to track.....

and amazingly we found a track and it led to this bridge which was right near where the train ended its first part of ride....

1912, pretty great bridge 

and Woody got to sit on the bridge to wait for the train to come on under 

you can see the train in the distance now going to be facing forward....

there it is backing up to the carriages....great spot we found for sure....

here it comes....

puff puff and Woody was very happy as was I 

back in the car and we drove alongside waving to the driver and passengers....

we got back to Glenbrook station to wait for it to come back.......

some people had fun on one of those things called Jigger 

and a selfie with engine about to pass us on the platform 

it then unhooked and came back past us to do the backward thing again.....great fun time 

and last night I made a low carb chicken/cauliflower dish....cooked chook on the bottom, with a bit of Tabasco and mayo....spring onion/capsicum scattered over and topped with Cauli rice mixed with chili cream cheese/cream/butter and tomato and cheese on top....

and a simple salad 

and this meal was delish....have other half to eat either today or tomorrow 

and now just look at this pathway.....plants/weeds gone...took this pic this morning (Monday)

and looking back from the front of the house and can now take the washing through the laundry door and walk down path to the clothesline lol 

yep bins filling fast and yep now have TWO.......
as I type this Paul is outside attacking another area with a shovel/axe/pruning saw......
well back to it and may you be having a good week where you are xoxoxo