Thursday, April 20, 2017

Minding April ☺☺☺

Hello again.......April came to stay with us for a night at city ♥ she is walking now and was happily exploring around 

she loves the fake grass carpet on our little balcony 

and she loves watching all the cars/trams go by and seeing many seagulls flying ☺

after her lunch we took her for a walk to a nearby park with Woody of course, she really likes his company lol 

she had a great time walking on the grass 

and Grandpa pushed here through this tunnel  

out to the light....she loved it 

she loves playing with this bee which I gave to my Mum but now have it myself.....

Hope this works as don't know what I am doing lol
April having fun with my crochet/knit bag 

we also of course had another walk out in the city and this time  

she was very happy with a beanie I have made for her to wear when with us in the city and she loves the little crochet blanket too 

and got to go on 2 tram rides 

she was not so keen on others chatting to her lol 

and there goes our last tram down the hill.....we then got in the car to take her home for her afternoon nap......of course she fell asleep straight away but luckily I managed to get her into the house and in her cot and she fell back to sleep ☺♥

I hung some clothes to help out and it sure was a lovely sunny day 

and Paul had fun giving Trixie some exercise with ball throwing lol 

we then drove back home and I noticed Paul held belted Woody in the car seat lol lol 
home again but not for long as have a dear friends 60th Nibbles and drinks on Sunday so yes back to the city we go lol lol  
Sometimes I forget where I am in the middle of the night.....good way to keep brain active ☺☺
Well that is my catchup all done xoxoxo

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Grandbabies and family time

We look who we have here........lovely April and baby bro Cooper....yes we were back out and about and I was staying here a few hours while Mummy could have a daughter time with April out and about ☺

got to love this little guys face ♥

and of course this little sweety just before they went out ♥

Grandpa and Cooper.....Paul has worn this same shirt with April when her born and Riley when him born lol 

my special time with Mr Cooper ♥

I left their home after they were back and walked to the station to catch a train to the city....not this one though as this is vline and that is what we catch when going back to our country home so does not stop here lol 

this is the train I caught and spent a night at the city pad again ☺

the following day we decided to catch a tram to st kilda more details here if interested

we had a great walk around and on a different tram back we past Luna Park.....this place has been open since 1913 and even my dear Mum and Dad had a pic taken while they were park it sure is lol 

and the Palais theatre it opened in 1927 and I have been to many a show or concert here.....even saw Alice Cooper here ♥♥

on the tram enjoying the view lol 

St kilda beach which is one of Melbourne's most famous beaches 

fun selfie as you do 

and back on the road home again.....hate traffic lol 

a restful evening again at home 

and would you believe after 2 nights home we then were heading back to city pad and called in on my bro Robbie and lovely Lynn....had not seen them since before xmas so was real good to catchup with them ♥♥

that night we went to one of our favourite restaurants Docklands Lotus (we now have 3 faves) Paul had Cantonese beef hotplate 

and I had seafood combination......lots of good vegies here ☺

and later caught up on some crocheting.....

on Easter Sunday we caught the vline train to Ballarat  visitballarat where Paul's boy lives with his lovely wife 

we caught up with them for a good lunch for all of our birthdays ♥♥ no pics taken to busy chatting and Jess's mum also joined us lots of fun.....all looking at some kernels being dropped from the tree by some bird who did not want to be seen lol 

back on the train to city pad again enjoying views 

a really nice trip we had and back to stay in city for the next few nights......
be back again very soon xoxo

Blog catchup

Gee it has been 2 weeks since I last posted.....been a little busy here and there. We bought a new Woody and what a difference....the older ones fingers are separated....his whole body is better made and his head is much smaller than the new boof head lol Going to keep him and give to April/Cooper when they are older ☺

and look......even google new I had a birthday on 7th 

that day we headed down to stay at my sisters for the night and Carl her hubby drove us to their local pub for tea ♥

Woody lay around on the table lol 

a little pic Carl took for me 

Carl lighting my cake back at their home.....on low carb so they got a wheel of brie cheese and decorated with sliced olives ♥♥ 

and boy those number 60 sparkles sure were neat....thank you so much Jule and Carl 

said goodbye to their cat Jill as we were leaving 

and same to Jack who was in a box lol lol 

we then were back in the city place for the night and following morning the weather was sure looking crazy 

thank goodness most of it blew away 

and while here the steam trains were running and of course I was very happy about that ☺☺

My girl came to have a birthday lunch with us and grandboy Brandon who you know recently turned 18 ♥

back home we went and Missy came to visit for the night 

and Brenton came just for a nice visit 

and Paul enjoyed a relaxing evening ☺

next day I had a good hair trim 

and as you can see Paul had a major trim lol 

 Paul put our bikes on the car to take to our city pad so we can do a bit of bike riding while we are there.......
Well will be back for more catchup posting ☺☺