Saturday, April 20, 2019

City, Bats in a park and lots of Grandy love ♥♥

Hello again my friends.....we sure have had a busy time lately ♥
This is us still in the city and visiting an area where workers come to buy and have lunch

Plenty of places to get a snack/meal 

Even a Woolworths supermarket with liquor too 

Normally packed during the day, but not in the evening.....

This is opposite where we stay/live and only open Mon - Fri 8 till 8 
no weekends 

Anyway home we drove and stopped at a park I had heard something about.....

There is plenty of water here although would not swim in it....

Bats......cans you see them?  Flying foxes ♥♥

All hanging, flapping their wings to cool off and a video below....noisy little guys they are 

Map of the park area in Warragul 

Woody was back to watching Michael Portello 

And look who came to visit for the night on Wednesday ♥ 

Sarah and Brandon her oldest 

Sebastian enjoying chatting and Paul 

Mum Girl selfie lol 

We took them out for a meal at local bowling club...Brandon was feeling real cold so gave him my crochet bag which he put on his head lol

Crazy selfie 

And Sarah put on my old Wedding dress and looked gorgeous ♥♥

It will be 42 years old 21st May a year older than her ♥♥

I got her to put on some of the masks we have from other fun times out lol 

Love this 

Brandon joined in the fun ♥


We all had a great night and morning on Thursday and they then went home 

And look who was dropped off on Thursday afternoon ♥♥ 

Yes these little cherubs 

Cooper and April loved the windmills I gave them ♥

In my rainbow hat 

And her looking gorgeous 

Granny Cooper selfie 

Loves sitting with Granpa 

Just us girls 

Relaxing on the couch 

On Friday I washed their clothes and Woody assisted 

They love being in our backyard 

And we went on a few walks too 
They were picked up yesterday by Daddy and home they went 

Here is me in that wedding dress with my dear Dad and was freezing that day so our smiles came through clenched teeth and holding hands to warm a little lol 

Watched that lovely Neil Oliver last night with Coast New Zealand 

Today I am trying to feel a bit better as have a crap cough.....seems to be the same as what I have had each year for the last 3 years....not catchy to anyone else just annoying and can hang around for weeks 
Anyway, herbs from the garden for a tea for me....Paul thinks I am nuts lol
And just like the song Scarborough Fair....Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme ♥♥

Sipping as I type this out......
Hope your days have been good and thanks as always for dropping by xoxoxoxo

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Catching up with family ♥

Wow 10 more days since I posted last.....nice sunset last week 

Enjoyed an indulgent couple of coffees 

Woody has been assisting while watching tv 

Our daily walk to the post office past our favorite gum tree 

Leaves are changing on many trees 

The Pool building is now gone 

Our van ready for the big repair......cracks in steel frame 

Last Friday we headed back to the city and the weather was amazing 

Chilling in the evening 

Saturday Woody was ready for an outing 

Paul doing some  puzzle on phone 

Looking good out there 

Woody sat at the head of the table 

And my niece Jac with her hubby Mike came all the way from Queensland 

Rob and Lynn 



Quick selfie with Julie 

Sneaky one with Rob 

A nice group shot that one of the waiters took for me ♥

Sibling love ♥♥

Pressie from Jule and those socks 

Woody back watching Star Trek 

Sunday morning we hear heaps of Corellas outside in the trees 

And a lovely vase from Rob and Lynn 

We had a walk around the Vic Market 

Caught a tram towards the zoo....but to busy so another tram back 

Had seen this pub a few times 

So decided we should have a beer there 

Buses are currently replacing trains on many busy and annoying 

View across river to our city pad again 

And yesterday we caught up with my Ex Ma in law Grandma/Audrey, Karen and Kelvyn ♥

Fun selfie as we said goodbye ♥
Busy few days for sure and lots of birthday love all around xoxoxo