Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Walking in our area

Back again and this time doing the walking around our area......I have lived in this town for more than 8 years and we had never been to this reserve

keeping plenty of trees and plants growing here

and good walking path 

looking over to the lake where birds enjoy year round 

Enjoy the read of the signs I photoed.....Paul actually worked at this hospital many years ago   

huge tree which has been recently trimmed 

some of those eastern water hens I like to call Pukeko as they look the same ☺

crossing the Gully 

Looking into the history signed area 

Aboriginal clan 

The steam trains relied on the water from the reservoir to be able to run back to Melbourne 

Some of these signs are a bit hard to read but I did my best and more for us to learn more of the history in our area 

In 1990 322 residence petitioned the city council to preserve this reserve as a natural park 

looking back over the lake 

many more new plants 

walking back on the other side and it was a lovely day for a walk 

more birds 

if you can't read the last sign this is a cast iron valve which was used to siphon water for the steam train.....there were many under/in/on and linked by a pipe and sent down hill to the wonder I love this town and steam ♥♥

a bird hide where you can look through the windows quietly 

back across another bridge 

plenty of happy Pukeko's 
A good walk on a nice day and will go back again as only covered about half of this place.........

and yesterday on our usual walk to the post office thought it is a while since I shared pics of this short walk down the hill and along this path......where the trees are all losing their leaves and changing colours

past the local swimming pool which is only open in the summer months ☺

and that cafe we often have coffee at has a wonderful mural wall

and back to crocheting last night with Dr Who lol 
well that is it for now xoxoxo

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Full moon, family time and STEAM

Hello out there.......roughly 11 days ago I saw this rising over our neighbors house and you know I love a full moon 😃😃 

and have been doing very little of sock knitting but admiring the stripey colours.....these are for ME 

on we go enjoying "Great British rail journeys" with sock knitting a little lol 

On Friday 12th my sis Julie and Carl came for the night......hello Jule lol xoxo 😈😈

on the Saturday 13th can you guess what we were waiting for 

a selfie on the footbridge ☺

can you see something?

a headlight and is that steam 


A2 986 Steaming Again After 52 Years! Steam Trains Australia

We went to my local station to have a closer look 

sitting next to the Velocity train 100 years apart in age ♥♥

and as luck would have it the older Diesel came through.......

youtube showing the first time it moved for any other train crazy people out there lol 

and later that day it left my station to return to Warragul where they had been celebrating all day ♥

getting closer 


look I even got the firebox in this snap and the driver too ☺☺
TOOT TOOT goodbye......and my sis and hubby headed back home after having a fun time with me....Paul was back at home as he is a bit over steam lol 

now I am hooking up a blanket for someone in very bright colours watching "law and order special vicitims unit"

just love doing the simple granny crochet ♥

and last Sunday was Mothers day so on the train we went to catch up with my kiddos and some grandies too 

April watching some fun show 

and my boy Rex meeting Mr Cooper ☺♥ this son is now back living near us all so happy ♥

me April and Aunty Sarah and would you believe that is all the pics I took.....busy doing other stuff lol 

I got this fancy skull 

and the following day Monday these flowers came from Jason and Jess ♥♥

we stayed 2 nights in the city and watched Master Chef and I knitted a little with Woody lol 

April did that lovely star artwork for me so it is now going to sit here in the apartment ☺☺

Tuesday 16th we trained it back and now both being seniors the travel is a lot cheaper 😃😃

and the flowers travelled back on the train with me ☺

lovely country views along the way and faster than the cars lol 

now in 2 vases here for me to enjoy and almost a week old and still looking lovely ♥

back home and hooking and again watching those rail journeys a week later lol 
Today is Sunday 21st May and do hope you all out there are having a great weekend