Monday, November 12, 2018

Theatre fun and more

Yes a musical we went to last Thursday 8th Nov while still in city 

Enjoyed with our cruise friends and a wonderful meal too at Loconda  across the road 

Only pic allowed to take and was so much fun and so many talented kids 

The next day we caught a train to catch up with them again.....

Cari drove us around the Yarra Valley to check out some wineries a bit of info here of the area

Looking out to the grape vines 

Fun selfie with them 

Woody included 

He was a bit out of control 

Another we visited 


Oh dear Woody again having fun lol was very busy here so no lunch just moved on 

In we go.....really quaint place 

On Saturday home we headed after a lovely catchup with my longest/dearest friend and that sky looked like it was welcoming us back!!

Relaxing watching a fun movie on Netflix De Kleine Vampier 

That is it for now....back to normal life for a while xoxoxoxo

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Fun catchup with Grandies

Well been a while since my final trip post. Anyway hello out there.
Have you heard of the 30 day Plank challenge? Well we are doing it and up to day 12 with 60sec Plank.....we lasted lol 

And Squat challenge today 45 of them, oh boy 

I have been doing a little bit of crochet 

And catching up with Outlander on netflix 

Paul's hair is getting longer, not cut since the start of our trip 

Great weather welcomed us home 

Not to bad out the side of our house 

But going past the front was sure dark 

Hail came to greet us......nice lol 

Getting more done on that granny blanket 

Hello to April and Cooper who had us return back to the city to have them last Saturday night 3rd Nov 

They always have a lot of fun here 

Love shouting at the trams going past 

Playing nicely together 

Woody had plenty of friends to sleep with 

Sweet face 

Oh my so blue are his eyes 

I had a lovely early morning watching the sun rise 😀😀😀😀

As usual we took a tram ride 

And to the park and Cooper did not want to follow April through there 

So Granny crawled behind him......oh my knees lol 


Fun with Granpa 

Great fun and were picked up after their lunch 

Washing in the city 😂😂😂😂

Our cruise usa friends caught up with us and saw our apartment.....John and Cari they live in Connecticut/Florida and also have a cabin near a lake 

Beautiful sunset 

Woody checking out possible future trips 

And who do we have here........Cooper.....Ray asked if we would like to join them on Tuesday 6th November at the Aquarium which is in the city so we sure did 😁😁😁😁

And April 

The loved being inside the glass tunnel 

Cooper loves Granpa carrying him 

Little family.....Lauren, Ray and kiddies 

Oldie selfie 

Even a mermaid 

neat seahorse 

Plenty of coral and little fish 

This fish even had legs 

April dancing 

Group selfie lol 

Loved seeing the penguins 

Fast swimmers 

Feeding time fun......the morning had heaps of rain but we avoided it here 😉😉

The Yarra river had heaps of leaves flowing down caused by mega rain 

That square again 👽👽

Storm water flowing days later 

The helicopters who used to land across from our place now up river 

I watch another netflix special and this was The Tigers of Scotland and so interesting about their wild cat 💖💖💖 Take me back there please Paul 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

And yes more Outlander
We are back home again but have 1 more post to do of more city fun xoxoxoxo