Sunday, April 22, 2018

Some crochet catching up

Hello 😀😀 been back home catching up on my crafty things. Made Rex this cute Budgie 
Worked on another spiral beanie

Made this cute Groot for someone

Completed that hat

And back to working on Sophies Universe which I started in January 2015

It is getting big and amazed I have actually done this work 😆😆

Been watching some Jane Fonda movies since netflix show Grace and Frankie has ended till 2019......this movie Our Souls at Night with her and Robert Redford 30 years since their first movie together....this one was great 😀

More granny squares in the making

We had lunch out at a nearby town pub

Neat lighting 

A Granny square blanket using lots out of my stash

Loving how colours look in Sophie

Barefoot in the Park 1st movie for Jane Fonda and Robert Redford fun 

Sorry for all the pics but looks so good 😂😂

Hooking in most evenings

Woody chilling at home after his travels

And last pic of that blanket.....well that was all since we got back 😃😃😃😃
I will be back in a day or 2 with pics of grandie minding fun xox

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Goodbye NZ, back for a birthday

Yes we are back, but here is Woody waiting in the bag to catch the flight home ☺☺

Recharged our phones and Woody guarded them lol 

Relaxing in the airport selfie 

Woody had a window seat but preferred the pocket 

Looking out saying goodbye to Auckland NZ ♥♥

Selfie on the plane 

Good flight back and arrived to more good weather in Melbourne 

On Saturday night we caught the train from our city pad

And met up with Jason and Rex 

And Sarah and Shannon 

Restaurant selfie lol 

It was Sarah's 40th and I got her this cute rainbow cake 

Blowing out the candles and singing happy birthday to me too as she was my 21st birthday present ♥♥

Mad goodbye selfie after our meal out ☺☺

Sarah gave me this jumper and I sent her pic to show it fits great ♥♥

Sunday morning I hear the toot toot of steam so we road a tram there to check them out 

2 engines coming and Paul filming in the background 

One engine at the front 

And one at the back 

Toot Toot, you know I love these very much ♥♥

And later we drove to visit some others I love very much.....Lauren with Cooper and the bunny I made for him 

And dear April with Ray and the bunny I made her ♥♥

Bit of blurry pic of Trixie at the back door and if you look closely you will just see Max their cat next to television just his nose lol Only pics I took of them all as just enjoyed chatting and playing a little bit with April and Cooper  

Back home and hooking up something for someone soon 

A bit more of progress today.....
Well hope you all had a great weekend I know I did ☺☺
Take care out there xoxoxo
A movie below Paul took of the trains 

While away in NZ we had the fun times and the sad times....visited Maurice who was a 2nd Dad to Paul and he was in hospital and very unwell.......Unfortunately he died and we attended his funeral the following week. Thank full we were in the country and able to spend time with some of his children, our friends, and send our love to them again from OZ
Goodbye Maurice xoxoxo 

Paul with his 2 dad's, Terry so tall on the left and Maurice on the right both sadly gone....
Good memories ♥♥

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Enjoying friends and a water park

Here is our NZ friends enjoying view from our balcony 😆😆

John and Leone....Paul has known them most of his life 😀😀 and now they are my friends too.....we had a lovely lunch together before showing them the apartment 😃😃

Another beautiful day it was on Tuesday

Yesterday Wednesday we met them at a local water park for a look....first time for us all

You can paddle in rafts or kayaks and there was a school group doing that ☺☺

This place is big and has a slower paced water course or a harder rapid type 

Looking back to where many kids were waiting

About to go on the travelator up

And over to the easier rapid spot

This neat water feature was at the entrance alongside the stairs 

We had a walk around to the rapid area of park and Leone is enjoying taking pics

John and Paul serveying the pretty empty rapid area 

Leone took a walk to see if they were having the rapids going and you can see the concrete and hard plastic shapes which form the water rapids

And very empty down the other way......Leone found out some young ones were certainly going to be rafting down here very shortly 😀😀

And in the distance we could see the water being pumped in from the lake area and hear it too

Staring to fill up

Lots of flowing and swirling

Almost full and flowing fast

And here comes a raft 

There were 2 rafts and lots of fun to see them paddling

And this spot was quite a drop so moved to take a pic as they came through again

Incredible and fun for us 😆😆
And here are some movies paul took.....

Hope you enjoyed more of Pauls films 😉😉😉😉 we fly tomorrow arvo so see you in a few days xoxo😆😆