Thursday, February 27, 2020

Funicular and Zoo in Santiago

Back again with Tuesdays adventures 😀😀 Walked again back to ride Funicular more info in Spanish lol

One heading way up the hill

Standing room only on this and I was a little nervous but a piece of cake for Paul

Up we go 

Off and looking towards where it ended 

Smog view all around 

So many buildings 

The Andes so hard to see 

Anyway lots of walking up here 

I will let you read if you can the signs along the way up 

Did I mention STAIRS 

Luckily there were some ramps 

View out and down show that river way down 

And proof I got to the top under Mary 

Cable cars we did not go on 😂😂

Waiting to return back down

A black kitty 

On board for return 

Kitty refused to face the camera lol

Next up a walk back up to the zoo......

A lizard I zoomed in on near elephants 

Lovely Meerkats 

Loved seeing these 

So many turtles 

Caught the giraffe eating 

Hiding of course 

My Ray has a kitty a bit like this lol

Lovely white tiger walking away....typical 😂😂

But that zoom caught the face perfectly.....Teresa this camera is awesome xoxo

Oh yes Kangaroolol


One chimp had a dolls can just see the white on top of head 

Busy grooming.....we walked for ages but enjoyed 

A lunch Mexican sampler we shared 

Paul enjoyed and happy because red wine 😁😁

A few statues in this and next photos....covered in graffiti and fabric due to the civil unrest here 

Is impressive if you can ignore all the paint.....

Our walk back to hotel is like this....actually late yesterday huge demonstrations were taking place further in town at popular area.......police squirt water from vans to move everyone on.....
Today we move to Valparaiso.....wish us luck xoxoxo