Wednesday, January 15, 2020

April's party and more family time

Last Saturday we were at April's 4th birthday party....lovely pic with Mum and Dad 

Many little friends and only pic of Cooper's back lol

Lovely twin girls Grace and Georgia

Sarah and Paul

Me and my nephew Luke 

April busy on her bike 

Dear Trixie 

Sarah chatting to Dad and Sonia

Neat pic of my girls and Genevieve in the background....sister to those twins 

With Rex

Our selfie with Rays friend Chris bombing lol Great day we had

Sunday on our way back home....stopped at Lynn and Robs and Paul showing her something 

Bro Robbie in his van.....I had to sneak up on him lol 

Sarah gave me these lovely blue butterfly windchimes

The smoke has been bad back home.....can you see the fake eagle our neighbor has 

The sun Monday evening looking more like the moon in this snap....

These next few pics from my camera 

Very red and interesting

Today we took a drive to a nearby town and so so smokey

But now rain has come and hopefully wind to blow it all away.
Heart still thinking of all of those caught up in these fires 
Take care out there xoxo

Friday, January 10, 2020

Yes another week with some crafting

Hello out there my friends.....made a mermaid outfit for a barbie

A few gifts for a little girls bday 

Some pants with a unicorn

Barbie hats and dress also crocheted

Fixed this weebee who's head was super large lol

Hat to match mermaid suit

Woody has enjoyed assisting 

Unicorn type beanie made too

And another dress 

Last week the smoke became thick and strong in our home area 

We had to drive to an appointment on Monday and this was how it was.....

Oh look a little cute batman skirt

And unicorn top too

Pink sparkly mittens I made too 

Woody has enjoyed watching a series on Netflix.....Dracula

Over 2 nights

Assisting with my sock knitting

And last night in the city a Diane Keaton movie 

Hello friends 

Tonight Friday we ate at a new favourite joint....called Clocks at Flinders street Station.....old train booth seats 

Hello from us 

And from tram stop on the way back

That cute cactus is tomorrow we go to and early birthday party for April turning 4.....I think she will like her gifts
Enjoy your weekend and keep safe xoxo

Friday, January 3, 2020

Another week and visitors

Well another week has gone by and here we were with April and Cooper for a night

They love it out on the balcony 

We had a tram ride to the supermarket

When we got back I made a cubby for them ☺☺ Which ended up with loud shouting MY CUBBY 🙄🙄 but all good in the end lol

They played aeroplanes 

Where you have turns being the plane 

Eating dinner nicely together 

And sleeping...April in queen bed Cooper in trundle lol 

Next morning up bright and early with Cooper enjoying ladybug

April giving me her best smile lol

I crocheted a chain and attached some things for them

Heart necklace

Skull necklace

Bee and bug were tired 

Coop wanted a clip in his hair 

April ready for Mum and Dad.....forgot to take pics of them...whoops 

We had Jason and Jess visit too on new years eve but no snaps......just me later after seeing them off on the train home

And Paul lol

They gave me this large spider which is hanging in spare room

With this them

New years day we caught the train home after being in city for 2 weeks

Train selfie snap

Good day for train travel

Bought myself a few new drinks to enjoy

And hung up this neat windchime also from Jess  😀😀

New years evening Woody enjoyed the Tattoo

Of course  I love so much

Did a last bit clip for you to enjoy

The fires have been so bad and continue....we are not near but today the smoke is very visible above the new pool building

Out the back yard......tomorrow is meant to be another super bad day so wish for all parts of Oz to be safe and our Firies who do fantastic, all the best in the world.
A big big thankyou to them

And all the way from the USA thankyou Teresa xoxo xmas card  xoxo