Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Short safe trip

Here is our van ready for a short trip
Now allowed as long as you keep distant 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

The night before we left we enjoyed Soy wingettes and roasted radishes with celery to all cooked together

Woody was looking forward to the trip 

Heading off on a nice day 

Good being back on the road
Those who follow me know we used to do LOTS of trips
In Oz and overseas the last many years

Road over a mountain area got very bendy 

And then quite rough 🙄🙄

The last hour of dirt road was Hideous 🤣😂

Finally back to a good road for last bit 
We were going to a van park here  

One of my sisters was also staying here
Hello Julie 😀😀😈

And her hubby Carl

Their cute van safely distanced 

We ate outside and Carl cooked a steak sandwich 

Hello to our other sister Lolly from us (she reads my blog)
Hope we can see you again one day she lives in Queensland and us not allowed 💀

Did a little bit of tourist stuff 

Hope you can read it ok

Very beautiful area 

Looking back over the town 

We stopped at this lookout and the police were enjoying their lunch
Great spot 

And look at these lovely mountains 

So beautiful and we had a gorgeous weather day 

And one of our borders which we currently cant cross but enjoyed taking pictures

The bridge to New South Wales 

The Murray river 

Back at the van park Friday, Carl tried fishing 

Saturday we moved on alone and stopped here Camping-grounds/Caseys-Weir for the night

Nice spot next to Broken River 

That night we ate burgers broken up in a cabbage stirfry 

Woody watched his fave Saturday night The Doghouse 

Next place we stopped for Sunday night is this 
yarck more info here 

Great gold coin donation at recreational reserve 

Huge you could fit 100 vans here 🤣🤣 but just us 

We bought a sausage roll from The Giddy Goat cafe and gave our coins 

This shop used to have great pies etc

Now shut 

They also have another 2 cafes this one is Bucks

We bought these steaks from local Meat and produce store

Right there 

Enjoyed a wine together 

And our steak with onions mushrooms and broccolini too

Monday morning before we headed home we enjoyed bacon and egg on a soda scone (from our freezer)

Off we went and boy did the rain come........

Almost home and the sky was dark

Anyway home mixing up these spices for our wing dinner 

Very tasty 

Breakfast Tuesday morning I enjoyed Raspberry Chia pudding 
Simply mix coconut milk/cream 270ml can 1/4cup chia seeds 1/2cup raspberries frozen ok 1tbsp stevia maybe some water if needed and mix
You can vary with other fruit or cocoa 😀😀

And last night I cooked these Italian Meatballs 
So easy and delicious  
Next is a very rare event here 
And today here we experienced an Earthquake 5.8 at Epicentre 88klms away although via road 300klms and we sure got shaken as did so many areas even in Tasmania
We are ok and wonder what next......
Stay safe everyone and take care of each other