Monday, September 25, 2023

Well hello. A test run of my blog

Been a while but saying hello
My how time flys
April and Cooper visited on the weekend

Granpa had fun with Soccer ball
Cooper loved 

Growing so much 😀😀

Had fun at the small park 

Running fast too

April in action 

Me still enjoying cups of tea 

Our backyard in the evening

April painted this skull 

They enjoyed a movie night too

Ready for another day 

I took them to the BIG park on Saturday 

Cooper enjoyed this area 

Sister Brother fun for sure

Big park Big fun

Cooper racing ahead across the creek bridge

Lovely Creek 

Cute Cockatoo
Screaming on Sound stage

Me, Him, Her ❤❤❤

And a friendly magpie

Late afternoon they had more kicking fun 

Then relaxing before bed 😀😀

April also painted this pumpkin 
Now gone back home
A big hello out there and maybe I will be back again 😀😀


  1. Fun times, they kids looks so tall now
    Have a happy autumn!

  2. Nice to read your blog again 😀 Greetings from Sarajevo, Bosnia