Saturday, March 18, 2023

Baby Elephants, Crane being built and more

Hello here I am back with some baking of Apple Muffins

Home grown from our Granny/Jonathan tree 

Tasty Pad Thai with pretend noodles lol

But also enjoyed real Pasta Lasagna from our freezer supplies 😀😀

Had the last 5 stitches removed and can now wash my nose properly lol

After seeing nurse we stayed city 2 nights
Tram ride and walk saw these transformer dudes 

Very neat 

Sort of like bumble bee 

We also took the chance to finally visit the zoo
And BABY Elephants 

3 of them currently at The Melbourne Zoo

So cute 

Very busy 

And the one and only Snow Leopard ❤❤

Now this is a bit boring but entertained me on Thursday

The making of a 3rd Crane across from us 

Pieces placed and lots of drilling 

When we come back should see it complete 

The other crane lifted up oil or something for itself lol

And a pic of me with some friends having lunch yesterday
Melanie on the left blue dress next to me pink flowers 😀😀
Known each other since birth ( born same hospital) love love 
Well hope all is well and if not take hugs from me xoxoxo


  1. My favorite animal... they are so big, but so gentle on some way. And babies are adorable 😍
    It is wonderful to have longtime friends. As become older, I apreciate it more and more.
    It is sunny and warm here, spring is comming, LOVE IT! 🌸
    Glad your nose is fine again 🙂
    Have a great week!

    1. Those Elephants are beautiful ❤ Long friends are great and I value you and others here 😀