Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Goodbye my son and back home for now......

Hello again my family and friends.....Last photo at camp spot before hitting the road to visit my oldest boy ☺

It was another lovely day and little miss sunny was happy too...
We stayed for the night in a van park near where he lives but did not take any photo's.....

Next morning heading off to go and stay at his place for 1 night ☺

Lot's of traffic and can see the Sydney city buildings in the distance

This is the house he is renting currently with a flat mate


His bedroom which he had us sleep in.....we bought all of our bedding from the van so that was an easy visit

His assorted angry bird's which I have made him and a few other creatures lol
See Teresa.....there are his little angry bird's and he really loved your grandson's with their large pig and red angry bird ☺☺

Dining area which they mostly use for others to sleep in ☺

Kitchen and out to the decking area

Stairs which led up to his flat mates area

Flat mates area........

And the man set up the auto picture so we could get all three of us together ☺☺☺

Oh and the planes flying over constantly so I was pretty happy about that.....

My boy

The man

And me........

Got to take a selfie....which I posted on facebook, neat picture of us 3 

Yep another plane.....

Late night picture....had a great day/night with lunch and tea out and lots of walking and talking ☺☺

And these are the little feet I woke up to see above my head....cute Kermit feet lol 

We headed off and the weather again was good...hitched up the Winnie and hit the road for home again

Stopped for the night at this road side stop

The sky was starting to change and had a little bit of rain during the night but slept well

Next morning off again and the weather turned wet wet wet.......

But back home it was and still is sunny although cool but here we are back home for now.....
Next trip is next week would you believe.......another Winnie van club fun time ahead
Hope you have all enjoyed visiting and thank you again for the lovely comments xoxoxo


  1. An interesting and fun visit! (you are very clever to make all those critters, Wendy :) I 'm planning my next trip, too, back to the East Coast USA mid- Sept. Try resting while you are repacking :) xx

  2. Wendy, your on is very handsome! Good job! I got a huge kick of seeing the Angry Bird pig and birds you've made and called my 2 grandsons over to see them. Of course they want MORE birds now. LOL! Have fun on your next trip. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I loved this post Wendy. Thanks for sharing all the photographs. It gave me a chuckle that I could still have to crochet toys for 'boys' even when they are...ahem...a little too old! The Angry Birds look great. Really nice photo's of you all together. (You are looking good :) I saw the remote control trailer thing on Facebook, I was fascinated and thought you were going to lose your garage roof! lol Expertly 'driven'!

  4. What a nice trip to see your boy! Great photo of the three of you. Oh and I love the Kermit feet. At my son's wedding last week, we danced the mother-son dance to the Rainbow Connection sung by Kermit. A simple waltz but nevertheless fun!

    Thanks for sharing your trip - you look marvelous!


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