Sunday, October 26, 2014

An Awsome wedding and yes I cried ♥

Hello everyone! Oh what a fantastic time we had and many tears lol 
Now you are going to be looking at almost 100 pictures here, well, because I can and other family will be looking and loving too. I wont put too many comments as nice to just look ☺☺
Hope you enjoy Lolly xoxo

So my youngest boy getting ready with his groomsmen

Helping with the cuff links ☺

My new daughter (dropping the in law bit coz I can) getting on the makeup which she does not need as she is beautiful......inside as well

Her lovely Mum 

My sister Chook and hubby....hello there 

I am in the purple top with many family members

There is the boy of the moment and his handsome groomsmen 

Best man

Now the bride walking down the aisle (grass) and excuse the shots of backs of heads but hey you do what you can lol 

The beautiful bridesmaid's her 3 sisters 

Beautiful bride and groom xoxo 

Her brother ☺ and such a beautiful day

Exchanging vows

The mum's hand over roses to our children, me to hers and her to mine ☺☺

So happy ☺☺

Dear Nanny and next to her Granma (my ex ma in law) ☺

One of my boys sitting next to his dad and his partner 

My oldest boy next to his brother's partner the other girl in our lives ☺

Hello to my ex ☺

Witnessing the marriage certificate

Her happy Dad and Mum, lovely people ☺☺

Beautiful and they had such a wonderful day/night 

The certificate hello Mr and Mrs M 

My girl, her boys and partner......

Me and her man and my grandboy so tall now ☺

And the other grandboy ☺

Me and groom and son 

this was one of the many babies at the wedding, she belongs to one of the groomsmen....isn't she cute ☺

Her and her beautiful mum 

My nephew and wife ☺

My boy

My girl and boy

The man's boy 

brothers ♥

My sis and bro (in laws)

As you can see there was some great dancing before the meals, so entertaining 

CLICK HERE FOR: Dance routine with music wonderful 

They did the cake early just to get it out of the way and enjoy the meals and speeches 

Best man doing speech and very entertaining too

Her maid of honour doing her lovely speech 

Me doing my speech with his Dad and me crying most of the way through it lol 

He said he was trying not to cry ♥

His Dad doing his bit....☺☺

Her Mum and then her Dad sang his speech, really touching

My bro and his wife doing a secret dance lol 

And the beautiful bride wrote and sang her speech!

Look at the love in his eyes ☺

Father and bride ☺

Help from the bridesmaids 

Me and my boy 

Help from the groomsmen lol 

Then we ate and danced the night away........
It was an amazing night and will never forget it and have many movies to watch as they put them up on youtube ☺☺

Buffet breakfast for those of us who stayed the night, lovely blended family ♥
Well I hope you all enjoyed these pictures and the link to the fun dance
Love to you all xoxo


  1. Wow, what a great record of your family's big event! I enjoyed seeing all the happy people. I wish them a long and happy marriage - and lots of children!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Wendy! Thanks for sharing your wonderful family celebration. The dance was amazing, and how very special that so many in the wedding party either sang or danced or both! May your son and new daughter's marriage be blessed.
    xx Gracie :)

  3. Oh Wow, it all looks so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. The dance routine was brilliant...they are all such good dancers and must have practised hard to get it right. It really made me smile on a grey Autumn morning.
    Congratulations to the happy couple.
    Jacquie x


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