Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Surprise...... a steam train

Hello again, I am really on a roll with the blogging this week, but then again I have had a few days of exciting times ☺ And as you can see a train was running on the Sunday after the hens lunch ☺

The man took a picture of this lunatic waiting, camera in hand ready for......

Cars stopped......

Oh yes well worth the wait, this lunatic said, me lol 

Had my camera taking constant pictures and as you could imagine I have not put them ALL here lol 
But what does the wording say on the front of the engine?

Oh my could it really say what I think I am seeing? K163 is this lovely engine.....

Fantastic.....a HALLOWEEN TRAIN oh was I very excited and do I see BATS on the chimney stack?????

Scary train and lots of little people on board loving every minute of it.....oh yes and me too ☺☺

There it goes back to the station.....

Tooting its way along the line......

Yes BATS...... how neat ☺☺

Engine driver was quite happy to smile in this picture for me ♥

This was so neat and the breathing of the engine was fabulous!

Yes, there I am in my Mad Hooker t-shirt and the man kindly took this photo for me ♥♥
At the station they had this little train running and lots of little people loved it ☺

A nice snag in bread on the platform

The queue for snags and drinks....

The carriages along the platform

They don't have a turntable here so the engine heads down the track.....

And comes back  down 

Slowly moving and steaming ☺

And hooks back on the other end of the those bats 

All hooked up ready to head off backwards ☺♥

I did take a small video with my mobile which I put on facebook ☺☺
A good fun time and I must say I have had a good fun time with friends, family, and trains....
What fun have you had in your home town 


  1. Wow, you got some good shots! I'll have to remember that setting when I next see a train. I had a big meeting yesterday and had to do agendas and reports.. but today I'm resting! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Cute. I think that must be the train of your fantasies! :)


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