Thursday, July 23, 2015

A wedding before more travels

The beginning of catching up on the past 2 months.....We attended my cousin's daughter's wedding in early June ☺ The groom and groomsmen waiting patiently......

We caught a large taxi from the motel we were staying in and here is my cuz, her bloke and my man ☺

One of her good friends carried a fish bowl which was to put your good wishes and gifts of money etc 

The bridal table all set up

1 of the many tables decorated nicely

My cuz taking a pic of me taking a pic of her lol 

The grooms Mum waiting for the bride

Not long now ☺

Look at that cute little shoe......

It belonged to this little cutie, my cuz's 2nd grandgirl 

No photo's allowed during ceremony which is fair is their day ☺ After we had lots of nibbles to eat 

Lovely cheese platters with yummy dips too

My cuz and that little one, I think she wants her Nan's drink lol 

This is my cuz's 1st grandgirl and flower girl for the day....although she did want a dress that was blue (just like frozen) or purple lol 

Cute little lady ☺

Lexi waiting to get stuck in to some food ☺

My man, then Holly with her Dad next to her.....

And I just love the pose this one did for my photo lol 

All checking out the menu and would you believe there were FIVE courses......2 entrees, 2 mains and then desert....heaps of options to pig out on lol 

Not a great pic but Lexi next to her Granpa

The MC  for the night

The boys waiting

And the girls waiting with the boys

For the bride and groom and here they are looking happy ☺

Plenty of chatter on our table with friend's and family 

Enjoying their meal 

Mummy to Lexi who is my cousin's daughter ☺☺

The wedding cake and those of you who may be in to online games etc may know who these bugs are....I have forgotten so feel free to let me know lol  
Bride and Groom dancing.....

We all had a great time getting up to dance the night away ☺☺

Some funny signs that were past around for a photo opportunity lol 

Cuz and her bloke who looks like he may not want me taking this photo lol   

My cuz did a wonderful speech, unlike me who cried through mine at my son's wedding last year lol 

The mother of the groom also did a lovely speech ☺

Another picture of the happy couple ☺

Dancing with her photo's are a bit mixed up that is because some off mobile and some off camera......

Dancing with her son in law ☺☺

And just a small example of desert........ 

Nice photo of these 2 xoxoxo

The little girls having fun out on the dance floor together.....It was a great night and I am so thankful for having been invited to this wonderful occasion.....thank you cuz xoxoxoxo

Ok, so next I will be back with our travel to New is Woody enjoying a drink on the plane......
take care and look forward to posting again real soon xoxoxo

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