Friday, July 31, 2015

Final part of NZ and HOBBITON

Finally our trip to HOBBITON and well worth it.......☺☺

We drove from Mount Maunganui to Hobbiton for this bus walking tour

Even Woody came on the bus for this trip ☺♥

A full bus load and there are hobbitontours which virtually leave every half hour so a BIG business

We had a great tour guide and think her name was Stacey and she was from the UK working in NZ 

Those of you who have seen the Hobbit movie and or Lord Of the Rings will recognise a lot of the area in my pictures ☺

We loved seeing all of these cute hobbit windows in the grassy hills ☺

This is one hobbit home where you get to look like you are very tall....

This one more like you are small just like a Hobbit lol 

Chimneys all over the place poking out of grassy mounds

They employ many full time gardeners to keep the vegetable patch and even use all of the produce there

Some vegetables were fake but very hard to tell.....

Fake fish, but even these looked pretty real too

Can you tell by the heap of pictures I really enjoyed being there lol 

Walked along many pathways past the homes and gardens and heaps of herbs growing too

Got to love a rosemary bush

The day was beautiful too

Look even a little clothes line with clothes hanging

So much detail all through this town

One of the paths we have seen Bilbo walk and even Frodo skip along during the movies

Looking over the lake to where the Green Dragon Inn stands across the bridge

Bilbo Baggins home

A beautiful tree growing on the top of his home which looked real but was again a fake but incredibly lifelike in person.....

Think this is the only snap of me on the tour......

Real farmers sheep lol 

A seat in front of this lovely old trees trunk....

Another trees branch was growing along the ground.....

We were told that all the moss on the fence posts was actually fake....amazing

A little ladder setup near a small apple tree ☺

More fake pumpkins....

Even mugs hanging in the window

More of the little chimneys 

Another beautiful old tree....

This is where they held Bilbo's birthday party in the movie

Crossing the bridge over to the Green Dragon Inn

Wonderful thatched roof homes.....

Yep him standing outside the Inn

At the bar getting us our ciders

Wonderful fire burning away....

The loo even had the old pull chain.....I grew up with this type lol 

Basin's in the ladies loo

Old wooden bucket as the bin

Neat looking taps

Outside the loo area some wonderful window seats.....

Outside the Inn heading back to our bus

Love snap over the lake these

Goodbye to Hobbiton

Another well cared for garden

Back on the bus for the trip back.....

Back at the Shires Rest.......

Looking back over where Hobbiton is and very hard to see......well hidden

Our lunch with ciders......
Well hope you enjoyed seeing all the pictures I took while walking around Hobbition.....a tour well worth it ☺


  1. I loved each and every photo! My sister tried to visit there.. but it was closed and she was devastated. I'll have her come and see your blog. We get home tomorrow! We are in Boise Idaho for the night. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. How beautiful and wonderful! Fantastic photos. XOX


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