Sunday, November 1, 2015

Around home, family visit and a blue angry bird lol

Hi again, this is catching up with what were got up to before Saturday......Friday we took a drive to order some new tyres for my car and on the way back along a quiet country road we saw this turtle crossing the road......He would not put his head back out for me to take a shy lol 

The man then carried him back to the pond area he must have come from....

We reckon these cattle may have disturbed him and he thought I am out of here, but the road is not the place to hang out.....

We then came across more cattle, this time they were along the road, but they at least had farmers with them ☺

Eating along the way......

I started this blue angry bird for my boy in Sydney for his birthday which is tomorrow (2nd Nov Monday)

I managed to crochet it up quite quickly thanks to the great pattern here  ravelry

Looking good 

And finally got the black tail feathers done ☺

He was put in the mail early Friday so am hopeful he arrives safe by Monday with a bit of luck...
Happy birthday Rex xoxo

We had family visitors and decided to eat tea out at a local La Porchetta.....Here is the mans youngest boy 

He chose Ribs with chips.....gave the salad to someone else as he does not do salads lol 

The girl's guy who I call on here Scotty (from Scotland)

He chose the massive mixed grill lol 

My girls, sorry about the blurry pic ♥

She chose the same as me, pasta Pescatore ( I love seafood)

The man's girl and yep that tongue as usual lol 

Cant remember what her past dish was called but looked yummy......

My girls guy......

He chose Marinara pizza and it is one of my favourites too 

The man

He chose Penne Matriciana 

And of course I better put a pic of myself.....we had a lot of fun and walked down and back so good exercise for us all and could have a little red wine with the meal too ☺

When we got back home we saw this hideous spider and showed Scotty who has not come across one of these before.....they can be sometimes quite massive, luckily not this one and at least it was outside lol 
What is happening in your neck of the woods....
♥♥♥♥ xoxoxo


  1. It looks like you had lots of family and good food about you.. you're so smart to get together with them as often as you do. Life is short. Enjoy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes life goes too quick and thanks for visiting so often xxoo


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