Monday, February 1, 2016

Short trip away with van club and a 70th and 60th

Hello my family and friends......a short trip away over the weekend to a place not far from where we live.....Bairnsdale 

We were booked in at one of the local van parks by the caravan club, we are currently members of...and 2 special birthdays (also the clubs 20th)

Each evening, much to my delight, Bats flew over, and someone reckoned 990 lol  Also we had a massive lightning/thunder show and mega rain......

Now we had a lovely lady turning 70 and she wanted to celebrate with the van club and Paul (my man) turning 60 also wanted to help pay for heaps of cold chickens cut up from a great local shop ReefRoast and those chickens were super tender....

The theme colour for the day was Pink as this was the birthday lady's favourite colour

My camera started steaming up from the humidity as we had mega rain then sunshine.....Oh what is Paul wearing......

Last pick taken under the tent canopy too steamed up.....

Ah yes a hula type skirt for his 60th birthday lol 

Some of the caravan club friends....

Hubby and wife in their pink clothes too

Plenty of little pink decorations.....

This lady has the same name as me ☺☺

We also supplied some champagne....also non alcoholic too

And a selection of soft drink and juice ☺

The pink theme sure was popular ☺

This fun man even wore a pink bathing suit lol 

The birthday girl getting a hug ♥

Yep even pink wigs....such a fun time

Tucking into the chicken

Relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.....

A pink feather in his cap lol 

A few more photo's taken

Thank goodness the rain stayed away for a couple of hours.....

I enjoy hanging out with this lady, lots of fun ☺☺

Deep in discussion lol 

And one of the ladies made this cake, and it looked fabulous and very tasty ♥

Keeping cool and dry under the awnings......

And yes, this is what I wore over my special batman t-shirt lol.....I was roasting with that feather boa around my neck so later just tied it around my waist.....the mask was hot too, but enjoyed wearing it ☺
Well that was a fun weekend with HEAPS of rain which you did not see as we were blessed with perfect weather for about 4 hrs......☺
Take care and may your days be bright ☺


  1. Awe what a Funtime you all had! Hehe loved Paul in the hula ! You look so happy and beautiful in your pink dress ups and so great you had Bats! Happy 60th Paul xoxo

  2. Belatedly, Happy Birthday, Paul! I'm so glad you all had a happy celebration xx


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