Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Playing tourist at Bay of Islands

We have been doing quite a bit of driving out and about in this beautiful area and stopped at this lake Waro scenic reserve which was popular with locals.....please forgive the messiness of this post but thanks to google pics photos from my camera are out of whack and doing this on my tablet......eek lots of good photos ☺

Woody enjoys going for car trips

trunk of a beautiful kauri tree

Plenty of walking has been done

one of many falls we have seen

good bridges to walk swinging ones 

pretty neat and there is a guy about to go swimming on the right

zoom snap

waterfall selfie lol

looking back over to Stonehouse The_Stone_Store. Info

Pa originally a fortified village

view from the other side 

you use to be able to walk across here but now water flows more

the roosters still thrive here lol

looking back past the stone store across the huge park

and yep zoomed in on a rooster

another day out and this road had moss sun shining due to wonderful trees ☺

more walking and must say my right knee has played up with crack noise every 2nd step.......

moving as fast as I can lol

look Sarah a neat sign for you ☺

smaller kauri trees here

beautiful old mossy trunk

we gave been lucky with great weather to allow us to do the walks 

stopped at this lovely bay for picnic lunch

more stunning falls

looking across from one side to the other view platforms 

loud water falling

there he walks again lol

due to rental car no driving for us

driving along and lovely ocean view of Tasman sea

I do love the sea

plenty of tyre marks on the sand

trying to take a good photo

we then ended up on the Pacific ocean side of nz for bbq snag lunch......took an hour to cook them due to heaps of wind lol

still cooking lol

stopped at a tourist info place and got this bag ☺

and here is our view for this week......

working on another sock in 4ply....

and the rain earlier today now sunny again...

and an interesting sign.....

I don't plan on escaping over this balcony with that ladder....would be hideous...
well hope i make sense on this post as it sure is different typing with one finger unlike touch typing  on keyboard at home....thanks for dropping in and saying hi xxoo


  1. I enjoyed your trip.. that is a beautiful ocean there! No animal pix? Did you try closing the lid of the BBQ so it would cook faster? :-) I know you're having a wonderful time.. have a safe holiday. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Woops yes did shut lid crazy wind lol

  2. It was great seeing some of what you and Paul and Woody are seeing, Wendy. I never tire of observing the ocean and waterfalls, free range chicken... and the massive kauri tree is amazing! I do hope you will never have to use an escape ladder xxxxxxx

    1. Gracie!!! All going good and always love yor comments xoxo


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