Sunday, October 30, 2016

EDINBURGH and Royal Brittania and Edinburgh Castle

Hello again, bet your getting sick of reading all these travels lol
Woody on a double decker bus into Edinburgh

again amazing buildings

Look at this church, can't remember its name but very impressive

View from the hill

We had a big walk around and ended up at Calton Hill a hill in central Edinburgh. Woody enjoying seeing the city observatory (little green dome building)

The Nelson Monument is a commemorative tower in honour of Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson

and can you see Paul up the top with his movie camera.....

We caught another double decker and rode in the front seats ☺☺

and they certainly did......

we had fun touring through this wonderful ship

and I will let you just enjoy the pics taken with my camera finally loaded here ☺☺

Her room

His room 

now that is one huge table 

next a few gifts they received in their travels 

Hope you enjoyed the ship tour 

back into town on the bus again 

and went for a walk to check out Edinburgh Castle

quite a hike too lol 

oh yeah, stairs 

yep our selfie 

view through the cannon hole 

There were plenty of others with tour groups but we just did our own 

view out over and they were bringing down the scaffolding and seating which was where they held the royal Edinburgh military tattoo.....maybe next visit ☺☺

This castle was amazing.....yep there is that word again lol 

little doggy cemetery

view down some more stairs 

oh look Woody and Paul enjoying the bagpipes lol 

the architecture everywhere is fabulous and made me really love it here 

well after all that walking I got to enjoy and wee Gin and tonic ☺☺

Woody was exhausted 

We went for a walk to find this pub for tea 

Neat fire in the middle of the room.......
Well this is another long post......still more to come.

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