Thursday, November 3, 2016

Neptunes staircase, Loch Linnhe cruise, Inverness and Jacobite steam

As you see here we were off for the day via bus again

another beautiful morning

and even Wood approved of the view 
We were driven to Neptunes Staircase where again were a few lochs......but

we were told we would see the Jacobite Steamtrain 
The Jacobite is a steam locomotive-hauled tourist train service that operates over part of the West Highland Railway Line in Scotland

and here it comes ☺☺

Wonderful of course

Toot Toot 

Lovely engine indeed 

Well now back to those Lochs....

boats in waiting to rise up and go through next loch gate 

filling up

up they come

I walked to the next loch and they are now again waiting to rise up......

sure makes it a long trip in time lol 

anyway goodbye loch 

We then had "free time" back in Fort William waiting to go on this little boat.....

Woody enjoying Crannog cruise on Loch Linnhe 
A very pleasant cruise (18km round trip) down Loch Linnhe (a tidal sea loch) aboard the Souters Lass.  The cruise affords a good opportunity to enjoy some stunning scenery and spot a range of wildlife in a well equipped and comfortable boat.

We sat in this open area for a while but had a lot of engine noise lol 

This is the famous Ben Nevis 
 Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles which dominates the landscape of Fort William, outdoor capital of the UK. Ben Nevis, or the 'Ben' as it is fondly known locally, sits majestically at the head of Loch Linnhe, its presence obvious from all corners of Fort William and some parts of Lochaber. 

Woody made many friends on this tour ☺☺ 

we saw an eagle eating....

the best I could do with camera 

the mirror reflection was really pretty again here 

Isn't this one neat 

this is where the boats can go through to the Atlantic
Loch Linnhe definition, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, on the W coast of Scotland, leading to the Caledonian Canal 

Oh and here I just got the dorsal fin of a porpoise ☺☺
We did see a seal but went under too quick

Lovely time out on the Loch 

that evening Woody joined us in the dining room for tea as requested by others on our tour lol 

Interesting light in the dining room 

This is where our trip became a bit crazy and sure annoying....will fill you in down further....

Woody made friend in the morning with this travelling pal of another couple lol 

On a bus......must say we were getting sick of buses as was supposed to be all TRAIN

We should have been able to see Ben Nevis clearly but too misty lol 

Can you see Ben Nevis???

Incredible statues 

There were many tribute dating way back and up to present day

We then had a stop at Fort Augustus 
Lying on the impressive 60 mile long Caledonian Canal, halfway between Inverness and Fort William, Fort Augustus offers spectacular views down Loch Ness and is a paradise for keen walkers and cyclists with many beautiful walks around the area

Plenty of people walking here and another loch lol 

my shadow of course 

another bridge in the distance 

back on the bus and eventually arrived in Inverness for "free time"

Inverness is a city on Scotland’s northeast coast, where the River Ness meets the Moray Firth. It's the largest city and the cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands

We had a few walks around alongside River Ness 

different to Europe where they run you down lol 

flowing very fast 

So now we have met Faith Hope and Charity 

Looking back to our accomodation 

Walking another bridge over the river 

Now here is the next day.....Travel Marvel advised us that theacobite steam train did not run on the weekends as you can see in print here....BUT....we saw it on Saturday and also Sunday!! So they moved us 2 and half hours away from Fort William where it starts it trip....SO....means today we have the fun of a probable 5 hour BUS ride (return) to then finally ride the steam train....yep, us by 6am and not back at end of day till late.....

anyway I was happy as got to ride this beauty 
The Jacobite is a steam locomotive-hauled tourist train service that operates over part of the West Highland Railway Line in Scotland

all happily seated although dare I say our nether regions have done a LOT of sitting

Woody was rapt with a window seat 

Getting near to where we saw it cross the bridge on Saturday 

He waved to the little dogs

over the bridge we go 

One of the main highlights of the journey is crossing the 21 arches of the Glenfinnan viaduct, memorably captured in the Harry Potter films

Paul was happily filming 

Selfie but numbers backwards lol 

lovely engine 

on our way back again 

and we did see the Atlantic again.....I have a thing about it lol 

Oh look happy Paul 

Woody thought he would sample some Gordons Gin 

going through one of many tunnels 

uh oh, may have been too much Woody
Ok this has been another lengthy one 
take care and back again soon xoxoxoxo

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