Friday, February 24, 2017

Flying to South Island NZ

And here is the native bird Pukeko, love seeing them and in Oz they are just called Eastern Water Hen......

Paul did  a nice zoomed shot for me with my mobile 

of he or she goes.....we were watching the planes take off and land near Auckland airport and getting ready for our flight......

To the South Island and here is our plane waiting to load us all on

and here we are ready to fly off....

up up and away.....wee although rather nervous these days lol 

out over the sea 

and lovely shots looking back down at the North Island NZ 

Got to love a good wing shot 

and we got to fly over Volcano Taranaki 

and you can see the shoreline below then mountains with snow 


magnificent view for sure 

my blog so you get lots of wing shots lol 

getting closer to Queenstown but this is a shot of lake Wanaka and lake Hawea the split you can just see..... 

so many peaks of mountains and snow and ice......

Woody loved checking out the views for sure 

Still some snow/ice 

slowly getting lower for the landing 

wing expanding for landing 

mountains now higher than the plane 


and down we go......

LANDED woo the shadow of the wing 
well hope you enjoyed all of my pics of flying I know I do lol 

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  1. Thanks for taking us on the flight with you.. all that excitement and we get to stay in our recliners.. lol. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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