Monday, June 26, 2017

Low carb cooking and a dear friend ♥

Back to doing more low carb cooking and here is bok choy, with garlic, spring onions, onion, sesame oil and dash of this ☺

we ate it with this crispy pork belly......yum 

hooking another fingerless mitten and watching "Pan".....

some crispy skin salmon for lunch which I love, but the man not lol 

still working on that sock......think my sock mojo has taken a big walk 

more crochet while watching "Bates Motel".......anyone out there seen this series?

chicken avocado casserole and this was delish.......recipe here and we froze the leftovers for another day ☻

low carb pizza made with almond flour recipe here and instead of plain I put some salami/mushroom/tomato/cheese ☺☺

on Tuesday 20th June we caught the train to the city as I needed to collect a ball of wool which I had left there......on my tablet I  had downloaded "Call the Midwife" so was able to enjoy 2 episodes on the trip down ☺☺

the next day this special friend also caught the train into the city to catchup with me ☺♥  we have been good friends for many many years and met via our (now ex) husbands lol  Even if we don't speak for a year it is still like we saw each other yesterday.....☺☺ 
and as for that ball of wool......did not match what I was working on 😒😒 and another ball I bought which matched in the shop from a piece I had ditto 😖😖 oh well......

later that day we caught the train back home and again I watched 2 episodes of "Call the Midwife" sure makes train travel easy ☺

on Thursday I was asked for a recent pic of me still doing the low carb thing and at least maintaining my weight ☺☺
November 2015

November 2016 so I am very happy indeed 

and on Thursday picked up these skull boots which arrived all the way from china ☺☺ and they are so comfy and LOVE them......going to be wearing these even when 70 lol 

I made us some zucchini parmesan fries for lunch and a bit crispy so rather nice 

and for tea that night a zoodle matriciana.....which is zucchini made into noodles and a yum sauce with salami/tomato/onion/cream/cheese ☺☺

on Friday we got zucchini lasagna out of the freezer and heated and enjoyed with salad....
good eating we have had lol 

we then drove to a motel we were staying at for something I/we were going to enjoy on Saturday.....we ate at a place called "Lazy Moes" and boy are the meals massive.....tried to stick to low carb with NO fries so they gave me TRIPLE salad and pita bread.......this was a chicken kebab style dish with capsicum/onion on stick.....very nice but WAY too much lol 

and yes here is what I did NOT eat......oh well was going to give me energy for next day.....
love to you all out there and any UK family/friends seeing this we are COMING BACK in September and Paul would love to here from you ♥♥ Nigel/Paul/Margaret/Clive/Liz/Colin ☺☺


  1. What a great newsy post! I wish I could be as thin as you.. good job! I love the boots. Have fun on your travels. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Bravo on your weight loss! And thank you for the great recipe ideas. I just ran off the almond bun recipe. I am trying to avoid dairy, too, but almond milk really is good to me. It is so great to have friends that you can take up the conversation with as though it were just yesterday 🙂🤗

    1. Yes some friends are the best ever and thanks for the compliment xoxo


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