Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Edinburgh Tattoo ♥♥

Hello again, getting sick of my posts on the bus as we were now staying in Edinburgh at a B&B we stayed at last year and had returned the car. 

We just did a bit of a walk around to fill in day and admire the monuments and buildings along the royal mile.....St Giles Cathedral and Statue of the Fifth Duke of Buccleuch

They have a 3 week long event in every August called Festival Fringe and it is the single biggest celebration of arts and culture on the planet. And an example of last year below....
With 50,266 performances of 3,269 shows in 294 venues in 2016 there are quite literally thousands of reasons to visit the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 
Closer pic of top of St Giles 
It sure was busy busy but we came for one reason 

And it involved Edinburgh Castle 

So we bused back to get ready and into town again 

Tron Kirk closed as a church in 1952 and was unused for 50 years. It did become an info centre for a while but has been now used as a venue place 

A simple restaurant sign for The Witchery 

The building of this restaurant apparently a great place to eat 

Edinburgh Castle 

Our seats are on the far left of 10 and 4 rows from top ☺☺

First we had an included meal /drinks with many others, us first there lol 

Quick selfie 

Lovely tartan curtains 

The gangs all here 

Plenty of good food and wine and even 3 violinists ☺☺

Getting ready for the Tattoo to begin 

We had 2 big jets fly over and Paul managed to film one ☺

The Castle looks brilliant.....shame you can't here the bagpipes.....

And even more came out 

So many and so wonderful 

The massed pipes and drums involved 12 different groups from many parts of the world even Australia ☺

The Indian Naval band was about to come out 

The fanfare band of the 9th French Marine Infantry brigade 

Tattoo Dance company and I love this photo and the rain was beginning 

And it sure did but we all sang along 

The performers soldiered on and I am pretty sure was one of the massed pipes and drums AWESOME ☺☺ 

But the rain was getting heavy so had to put my mobile away and Paul the video camera too 
Would you believe there were over 800 musician in the massed military bands and massed pipes and drums!! The sound was fantastic ☺

We had left Woody back at the B&B dry and warm wearing my tartan scarf 
So on we go xoxoxo


  1. Oh my.. I have never heard of that event and I can't imagine the sound of so many drums and pipes! You're so lucky! Thanks for sharing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. We were at the Tattoo this year, it was brilliant, not just because our son was playing!

  3. It was fantastic Teresa you should watch xo


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