Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Onto Aberdeen

Well another day of travelling to new destination and we saw this along the way in a town halfway between Inverness and our destination of Aberdeen 

Once considered Scotland's most beautiful cathedral, rivalling St Andrews in importance, today it is little more than a shell, though it does retain its original facade
We were lucky to see this as it was down a side street and I only just caught a glimpse and told Paul to turn around ☺

Certainly would have been magnificent in its original days and apparently HUGE 

We found another wall in another street which was part of the Castle 

Well worth a stop for sure 

Here at the Highlander Hotel we booked for 2 nights in Aberdeen on the north east coast of Scotland 

Oh look, stairs 

We had a walk around the town and checked out again so many amazing building/churches

yep and here they are famous for their granite buildings and monuments 

Gilcomston  South Church having a bit of reno work done 

Edward IIV statue to the left 

Cemetery, we went back later 

Another great granite building 

and double decker buses 

my blundstone boots have done a lot of walking 

Castle square 

We also walked to the wharf and saw the Ferry, impressive 

Oh dear, would not be good 

Better pic of Edward IIV 1841-1910 

Plenty of pretty flowers on the lamp posts here 

Back to that cemetery 

I could read some were 1800's

Many you could not read as worn away or covered in green moss 

Well back to our room and another fun shower control 

Later we had a meal in a nearby pub with interesting lights 

and yes we had 2 steaks and wine ☺

A football embedded in a mirror 

A very sporty pub with heaps of guys enjoying......good meal 

Next day we took a drive along the coast and found these standing stones....Just like "Outlander " I wonder if Jamie Fraser is hiding somewhere lol 

and the railway next to the sea 

No trains came while there though 

Paul stopped so I could go check out St Fitticks Church and a grave within the grounds 

Another ruin 

The main graveyard 

On to the beach we went and it was very breezy 

And the North Sea was wild out there 


and then due to rainy weather we decided to go to University of Aberdeen Zoology Museum and was free too 

Plenty of creatures and bones to see here 

Certainly many I had never heard of or seen 

Spent quite a bit of time here on there 2 floors......

Then onto here 

No pics allowed inside.....and boy were there some stairs.....spriral, my poor thighs lol 

Stone wall leading to a garden 

And yes I did end up way up there 

Then the climb down around and around 

Gate through to that garden 

Off in the car again and stopped at another Castle 

There it is.....

We had a tour inside 

And Paul took my mobile up the top to take pics 

narrow staired pathway on the roof 

More spiral stairs, I only did a few this time 

But I did go down these ones for a look in the dark 

Looking back up those stairs 

Another part of the castle 

And a little church too 

A snap inside the little church 

And the end of visiting here and our busy day touring around ☺☺
Next we head back to Edinburgh with some "Outlander" fun along the way xoxo


  1. Oh how I'd love to see all those places and hear the locals talk. We're Outlander fanatics here so please show us some of their places! Like Lollybrock! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes I loved being among all the accents and the landscapes are incredible xoxo


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