Saturday, November 18, 2017

Being creative

Hello there, been a little while again lol But LOOK I have finished a little blanket and it is now at our city pad on the couch 😃😃

The blue looks much better in the close up snap 

And finally back to working on that Sophie blanket which I started as a crochet along way back in 2015......Before Mum became unwell I was able to take it and show her and work on it while I stayed overnight......but then she ended up in care so I put Sophie away......Now I think it is time to work on this with memories of her 💗💗

I bought this batman comfort friend for Cooper a while back and have bought another so if one gets lost or something then there is another 

Yep still working on that knitted sock partner 

And how is this for a burger!!!  Called Godzilla and has 3 types of meet times 3......of course I did not eat all of it and left the bun too lol Paul tried to help but too much lol 

And here is how far I have got with Sophie.....many more rounds to go and sure is a piece of artwork 

Pork ribs again the other night, so tender and low carb 😀😀

And yes I have a thing about Batman.....this is my new pyjamas from Aldi which are really mens but hey I wanted them lol 

Cute shorts for this old Granny lol 

And last night we came to the city pad to stay and catch up with my Rex, I look a little scared here lol 

Happy belated birthday for Rex and his lovely partner evening we had xoxo

Last night while staying here crocheted a granny square with some random ball I had here.....nice as a coaster 😉😉

And Woody enjoyed watching Star Trek Enterprise with us 

Today it is busy out there on the Yarra river and many helicopters coming and going too 

Beautiful weather day, with many more currently which is a nice change
Well how are you all out there? Thanks again for dropping by and commenting xoxo


  1. Mum you are So amazing with your crotchet work, wow that Sophie rug is really coming along now! Cooper will love the sweet batman comforter and so rapt you had a great night with those 2 lovely boys last night xoxo

  2. That little blanket is adorable!So is the coaster you whipped up x

  3. Your new blanket for the city pad is wonderful! And wow on the Sophie blanket.. what a work of art! I'm pretty impressed with that. It will always remind you of your mum. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes Mum will always be part of sophie for sure xo


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