Saturday, December 9, 2017

Star wars in the city

Here we are back in the city and I have done a little bit of xmas decorations......don't know who will come here over xmas but well......all done 

The skull that Rex gave me looking festive 

Our mini tree with the xmas train 

Something I crocheted a long time ago 

And turned the calendar page, love this calendar 

I have completed that blanket for someone 

Now on Thursday night caught up with Rex and Jason and this is the only pic I took lol Us waiting for tram looking back across the road 

Plenty of rain fell and we got a little bit wet lol 

Woody relaxing in the evening here 

Yesterday (Friday) we went to the Vic Market and it was rather quiet.....usually busy busy......

And later ran in to these 2.......well actually, Carl on the left, grabbed me and almost gave me a heart attack lol and his oldest boy Chris, my nephew.......we had a quick lunch with them 

Then on our way back we saw this at Southern Cross station.......

Yes a full size replica of Xwing from star can even go up those stairs and sit in it 

Side view......pretty neat eh?

The movie is coming out here on the 14th December 

So plenty of signage around 

We had a relaxing wine in the afternoon 

And enjoyed these popcorn shrimps.....Yum 

Going up the escalators I took a final pic of the Xwing 

Walking back to our pad we stopped to check the building going up near us.......if you look through this  you will see our building and the next lot of pics are a bit of history for this area 

Interesting for sure 

And look.......I bought a dress at the market and love this......even with colourful socks and my boots lol 

Paul relaxed last night after a lot of walking......
Today we may go check out the zoo and also book tickets for Star Wars xoxoxo

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  1. My grandsons would be amazed at a full size replica of an x-wing! I am looking forward to the movie, too. We saw the first one, the first showing in Oregon.. we were literally amazed. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)
    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*


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