Sunday, April 1, 2018

Goodbye Paihia

Hello again......before we left Paihia bay of islands I took this pic from down the road of the club

We stayed way up in the background

The front gate and I will now take you on our walk back which we did many times everyday

Up the driveway

Up another part towards the stairs 

Stairs are just past the cars

Past the large chess set

And past the pool

Head up first part of stairs

Along the boardwalk section

And yep more stairs

Another section of boardwalk

Final part of stairs up

To our driveway part past the cars

Along the front section of 3 apartments

And yes fun stairs down to our spot 😂😂

Laundry nearby for us 

Our door 

And out one balcony ☺☺

Video paul did of inside and below other parts ☺☺

I have made 9 crochet squares all end sewn in 

And now we are in Auckland Manukau till 6th and enjoying planes flying over 

Woody happy on balcony

View over to theme park

Shopping centre short walk

This morning plane flying over 

As we enjoyed a sunny breakfast

Later we took a drive here 

No steam this time 😢😢

Just the diesel. a quick look and leave 

A quick lunch at this neat place.....I know full of carbs but we shared snack size thin crust so much better 😂😂
Today is easter Sunday and back at apartment maybe go out for dinner later
Thanks for dropping in and for comments too xoxoxo

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  1. I enjoyed Paul's tours! Did you swim in that pretty pool? I hope you're having a nice Easter. Kristi is making a nice ham dinner for us later. Where are you off to next? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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