Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Fun times ☺☺

Hello!!!  Yes look Katy Perry.....I was getting pretty happy about her upcoming concert 

But first Woody relaxed in the city with a blanket I was working on 

I watched this music video....Disturbed with "Sounds of Silence" so good 

Saturday night I completed this blanket ready to give to my friend Lanie to give to her girl for new baby 

On Sunday on our way to meet my friend look what I saw coming .......

Yes the 2nd run of the SNOW TRAIN.....toot toot.....was quite hard to film as really windy so my filming is a bit shaky lol 

Anyway we had breakfast with our friends and this is the only pic I took.....water....yes it was lol 

We then did a walk on this beautiful Sunday 

Lovely walking along beside the sea 

It took us about 50 mins to do this walk 

Felt real good doing this even though my skull boots are not really walking shoes lol 

Us tired on the tram ride back lol 

And Sunday night these 2 came to join me for dinner ♥♥

Me and Sarah excited about the Katy Perry concert lol

Rex, Jason, Sarah and me yay 

Katy selfie 

Witness tour 

Plenty of excited fans 


Lots of coloured paper fell all around Katy....I did a few videos but wont share as may be a copyright thing....

Yes much fun 

Even a shark lol 

Many had torches and other lit up devices 

There goes Katy.....

They had a few screens so you could see her close 

The stairs down to our seats 

The song Firework.....with actual FIREWORKS 

Fantastic night and so well worth it.....

Yesterday (Monday) I came back on a bus.....Trains replaced by BUS......

Pretended I was a tourist and took a city snap as leaving 

The said, bus fun.....

Nice country views along the way

Over 3 hours which would normally be closer to 2 via Train.....many unhappy passengers lol 

Anyway....back home and relaxed with some David Bowie and slept well too 
Hope you enjoyed the pics here today xoxoxo


  1. Woo hoo.. what an exciting trip and the concert and all! I told my granddaughter that you went and she was so jealous! Have a great week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes it sure was fabulous time all round xoxo


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