Saturday, September 22, 2018

Alaska Ketchikan

Yes here we are again now at Ketchikan for another fantastic day

Another ship was also in as I snapped this statue

We did a walk tour with our tour leader Glenne

Watching seals and gulls prey on salmon

Amazing wood carvings

Pretty town with colouful building's 

Enjoy the reading as you scroll through 

Plenty of salmon here nearing the end of life 

Amazing carvings done as we checked totem pole house

Yep more salmon but no bears today

If you look real hard you may see many dolphins

And again on our final day 

For my final morning some snaps of cabin....balcony we enjoyed for a week



And again....

A pic I took of me and UK Lillian fellow traveler 😀

Goodbye for Woody xxoo
We were back in Vancouver for 2 nights and tomorrow board Celebrity X Solstice for return to Oz long cruising 

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