Sunday, November 4, 2018

Heading back to Melbourne with days at sea

Hey there for the last time on this trip.....Sea days again and at least we saw another ship 

Container ship 

Full moon 

Land ahoy 

We came so close but then sailed on 

Goodbye land lol 

But again could see again once we had sailed around 

Yep getting closer again 

But night fell and we went to bed and this is what we saw in our Port in Melbourne 

A lovely day greeted us 

Woody checking the Spirit of Tassie  which is small compared to this takes all types of things and people to Tassie every day 

Last coffee on board Golden Princess 

We went back to our city pad and went to the zoo.....we were getting 2 yearly zoo passes as a gift and while there thought lets visit some animals......typical back of a gorilla 

There a blue wren in there too 

And the following day we needed to take our car for a drive to recharge the battery to another zoo.....this time Werribee open plains zoo and you get driven around part in an open bus 


Ostriches came to greet us 

And the Giraffes were so close 

Zebra which crossed in from of the bus so the driver said "stopping at zebra crossing"


Male Ostrich 

Many lions too 

They were getting ready for a big Halloween weekend early....we had a nice time and have since caught up with my Rex and his Jason, my Sarah and Sebastian, and Brenton.
All enjoying lunch, tea, lunch out with us

Before we left the city I noticed this interesting looking bird 

Don't know what it is but looks neat.......
We then visited Ray, Lauren, April and Cooper no pics of anyone this time and are back home.
Well we have been back home for days and me doing 7 posts time has gone.....when you read this it will be Sunday 4th November....but I am typing this on 31st October Halloween xoxoxoxoxo
Be back again sometime xo

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