Saturday, July 20, 2019

Oh along Savanah Way to Northern Territory

Here we are again with a BIG HELLO ❤❤🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️
The name Hells Gate should have alerted us to something 😂😂

Anyway we went to Burketown but not a place for us so Free camped near Gregory River and yes Teresa and Dayle Crocs lol

Very closeto road 

Had a yummy easy low carb meal......much needed as bulking up on this trip lol

Woody checked the road along the way 

All looking okay 

Sunny and no clouds 

A bit of dirt ahead 

Paul enjoying burger stop 

And the rough road began....corrugation city 

One word HIDEOUS

But hey finally Another state of Oz

Oh boy got worse

Thankfully river crossings not too bad 

A nice rocky mountain but corrugated road bad 

Yep more steep river crossings 

And another 

Stopped for night tried to catch sunset

Quiet spot where we sorted some problems.......100 litre water tank emptied in van....broken tap...door broken off ensuite......instant coffee spread through a cupboard and down walls.....back and kitchen window blinds hanging by  a thread....said coffee on many items of fell out and smashed stove top......oh yes fun 😂😂

But a moon rising 

Woody was on high alert the following day......

Oh yes more rough roading as careful as we could

Yes more water crossings

And again

At one point Woody thrown out of his seat 🙄🙄

And another


Finally had a turn off of better road 

Woody happy on the road to Daly Waters

We deserved this bottle of red for sure

Happy getting the moon last night (Thursday)

Lots of neat birds here 

Paul refixing said ensuite door.....pinched hinges from other cupboards....

Plenty of washing of coffee mest clothes 

Even Jack Skellington cushion

Tired selfie lol

Plenty of red dirt on our bikes

Regular washing of clothes 

Woody much happier today travelling to Katherine katherine-and-surrounds

Big termite nest 

Quick stop for lunch here 

And now happily settled in Katherine for a week to recoup and repair.....have parts being mailed here.....

Nice selfie of us in singlets as 39 celcius but cools in evening 😀😀

One those noisy pigeons came to say hello

Red dirt wheels.....
Hope you are still enjoying this crazy adventure of ours ❤❤❤🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️
Love Wen and Paul xoxo

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  1. You two are hardy travelers to endure those washboard roads and flooded dips.. and all the damage to the trailer, too. I bet you'll appreciate your city flat after all this outback adventure! :-) Be careful!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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