Thursday, March 26, 2020

Self Isolation with Woody

Well thought I would come back to fill in an hour with an updated post on us. Yes you will see lots of pics of Woody while we do the 14day self isolation (due to OS trip) and things may stay the same for us all very soon. We are currently on Day 9 and able to get food delivered thank goodness.
Anyway Woody is keeping up to date and sniffles here so far. 

My dear son was able to do a food drop and run for us. As we were going to be away for 2 months, you can imagine we did not stock up on food.

Eggs.....he was able to get eggs......

Woody saying hello to you all 

And enjoying the colorful blanket here in city pad 

He even gets to sleep in a bed here lol Yes I may be losing my sanity 

Our daily view 

Yep, crazy selfie of us having fun 

Steven the vacuum is doing well

Back to this view......that is the missiontoseafarers more information here. Currently having a total refurbishment 

The walls and the bell cleaned up nicely 

And one of many crosses 

Thanks to that zoom on camera. This is the roof of the dome with visiting seagulls

Woody watched Michael Portillo 

I sent this pic to April and Cooper to let them know Granny is looking after her cactus they gave me

Tried to get Woody to learn how to crochet.....yes need sanity tested lol 

Oh and thoroughly enjoyed an Alaskan tour 

I have made that tasty low carb Choc Chia pudding 

We have enjoyed watching Tony Robinson's History of Britain 

And a crazy Oz show "Mad as Hell"

And latest pic of Jaylen who now likes a dummy and his Mummy is very pleased with that lol
Well keep safe and well out. We are allowed out on April Fools day but don't think it will change how we do things except maybe do our own shopping safely and maybe enjoy the fresh air in our backyard when back there again. Thank you for dropping by xoxoxoxo


  1. For you two, world travelers, this confinement must be awful! I can bet that you're getting cabin fever already. We're just hanging out trying to get used to the new normal. Stay safe, okay? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks as always Teresa dear blog friend xoxo


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