Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Keeping busy at home

Hello again. Look Paul got these excellent games for Fathers day 😀😀 A suprise in the mail from Jess and Jason 💙💖

Plans for more sewing the past weeks and ahead 

3 crochet chickens lol 

Watching a new netflix series. Thank you to Rex for telling me 💙 Umbrella Academy 

Hot choc with marshmallows both sugar free 

On again with Academy and Woody loves 

Low carb Raspberry Chia seed pudding and yoghurt for my simple and yum

Our little orchard is going welll

Slowly seeing tiny buds on the trees

Our daily walk pathway and trees 

Yep masked up for our walk each day 

Testing new mobile camera......power plant in distance...see the steam

Zoom in on cooling tower

Looking down to new pool complex 

Looking from the other side 

Out the back big water tanks 

Going to be plenty of parking 

On our walk back looking to other side of complex 

Back to enjoying our low carb platters 

Paul transplanted some of our Rhubarb plant to

The orchard area and is doing well

A tiny leaf On our apple tree 

Buds on the Apricot tree 😀

So neat after more than a decade we decided to plant some trees

Paul busy setting up a game 

So happy he always beats me lol

Another interesting game 

Yes another platter 

Enjoying at night in our lounge 

More of that yummy chia pudding for me

Found lower carb rolls, so burgers are on the menu often

Look I finally sewed myself some pj pants......plenty of room

Cute doggy fabric 

And another pair of pants for little jaylen 😀😀

My special Granny label.......plan to see him Thursday 😀😀 oh and julia too

Last night Paul knocked up this delish  low carb noodle stirfry 

Woody thinking about more adventures 😈🤡😀🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️
Restrictions lifting for us in country (regional) areas so we are allowed to visit Julia and maybe my annoying sister Julie 😂😂😈😈☠☠ love you Jule lol
Hope to see my loyal blog follower sister Lolly maybe next year xoxoxo
Love to you all out there xo

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  1. I enjoyed catching up with your doings. We loved Umbrella Academy. You should watch "Yellowstone"!!! And we're now watching "Brittania" set in the times of when the Romans conquered England and the druids and all. Have fun sewing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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