Sunday, August 28, 2016

Before Europe

Hello and goodbye.......before disapearing on holidays.....yummy meatball zoodles 😀

now this is an outfit I have bought for new granbaby due in feb.....have had a baby reveal but wont put anything here and this outfit is very gender neutral 😀😀

I finished the man's new hat for trip

hooked up more while watching David Attenborough

Woody is excited to be going on another OS trip......hope customs/security don't take him......

more hooking done while watching offspring

and look......I have my own train.....carriages and track and remote controlled....will set up in city when back 😀😀😀

I have had the fun of catching the train for a lunch with great girlfriends 😀😀

and for baby reveal party made low carb choc chip roughs

and spicy meatballs....just diced salami and mince

we have my much loved skull light now at the city home

and Woody has been enjoying the view at Docklands

and watching the helicopter land.....the red bit near river 

and on a walk yesterday took snap as helicopter flew over us....

on our walk along the Yarra river looking back to footbridge that is opposite our place....

quite a few ferry run along the river

and heading back to our city abode on the footbridge......
well that is it for now from me till maybe next week when on river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam.....
take care and do fun things while you can ❤❤❤❤

Sunday, August 21, 2016

A visitor and Fairies in the park

I snapped of a bit of rosemary and few weeks ago and put it in this little glass and have kept filling the water level. It now has lots of roots so will plant in our garden to enjoy another rosemary bush.....The man reckons I have too many lol 

I also have been able to enjoy these daffodils from my garden in a vase ☺

Yesterday we were having someone come to stay the night so I made a little rhubarb crumble....fresh from our garden too #lchf (low carb) 

A yummy cauliflower bake also lchf

Satay chicken thighs to be cooked in the oven lchf.....and can say was delish ♥

a tin of salmon mixed with cream cheese 

and our sunflower/sesame seed crackers 

and our visitor was my girl Sarah ♥♥ chatting with the man lol 

Today (Sunday) we went to an event called Fairies in the Park. Held at gippslandheritagepark and trying to break a world record this year....Sarah was number 313 ☺☺

A Mum and girl selfie and can just see her cute wings and her outfit was pretty neat ☺☺

There was face painting being done by this amazing lady who donates all her time 

a white duck was there

and a dark duck who of course turned its back on me lol 

this lady looked awesome with all her colours, and even her fake eyelashes were glitter and rainbow colours!

Little ones having a great time 

So many wings ☺☺

A very large crowd of all ages, even males dressed the part too

Fairy Goddess 

putting wands up for the local papers photographer 

another selfie with us amongst the crowd lol 

Sarah blessing me with her wand ☺☺

this lady even had pointy ears 

there she is all dressed up and this little boy racing past lol 

Fairy striking a pose ♥♥ 
We did not hear the final count but will be in our local paper and maybe on the news but reckon well over 300.....will let you know.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Catching up

Gee it sure has been a bit since my last post......been busy I guess....cooked up some zucchini noodles 

and some yummy bolognaise sauce 

and together was very good with a bit of Parmesan cheese and pretend garlic bread (flax meal) 

Whilst that bread was heating I also made some seed crackers

these were with sesame and sunflower seeds and real good and super crunchy too....recipe here I used a bit of flax meal instead of husks ☺☺

We had a trip back to our apartment and all empty, ready for us to start moving stuff there

plenty of cupboard space in both bedrooms 

clean clear lounge kitchen ☺☺

so we loaded up a bit of stuff on the weekend to be ready for Monday

and filled in the back seat as well......

On the road we went towards the big smoke (city)

I had the fantastic chance to catch up with this dear friend whom I worked with many years ago and  we had great fun chatting and laughing a lot ☺☺ more of these catchup's ahead for sure xo

While at the apartment the helicopter was busy with passengers 

Our sofa bed arrived so we made it up ready for us to sleep in for 2 nights 

a cushion I made for my dear Mum and Dad many years ago and is of them when very young indeed ♥

and there is some of our stuff waiting to be sorted 

off goes the helicopter again 

next day I caught the train from the city to go visit and mind Miss April and Trixie was relaxing inside with the sun on her ☺

Granny and April both with bat tops on lol 

We went for a lovely sunny day walk for almost 30 mins ☺☺

She had a great time eating some food too ☺

Trixie making sure everything was okay 

and typical Max.......crazy cat ♥

a bit of play time was had on the floor 

and I got to take this gorgeous pic of her......not that I am biased or anything....her Mummy was able to go out and do lots of things and even have a swim at the pool ☺☺

back again for the night and just enjoying the clear view now that the cleaner had come in to do a good job ☺☺

next morning looking out at the daylight starting and traffic getting busy

plenty of cars/trucks heading places 

we put the couch all back together

and the kitchen is a lot clearer now....back home we went and will be going there again before we go on out Europe trip...........
hello to you all and goodbye for now xo