Saturday, May 19, 2012

Road trip to Coolangatta Qld begins

Early start for our road trip to Coolangatta for 1 week, roughly 1860 klms. Sunny was quite happy to have her new mini friend along for this trip too ☺ Currently having temps around 16 so heading to warmer place in mostly sunny queensland.
Get to see lots of farmland going through victoria and new south wales.

We stopped to have a quick lunch of the Pork rolls I made from the night befores roast at the park in Bombala.  The pole that you see marks the flood point for in 1970's, the sign way up that pole, amazing.
This town is also the halfway point if you live in Melbourne and are heading to Sydney the country back road way and not on the freeways.
More farmland and quite dry in this area  even though there has been a lot of floods happening in the last 2yrs on and off.  
Our 1st nights stay in nsw at Cowra at a little motel, walking distance to plenty of places to eat. We found the serviceman's club (rsl) which had great meal deals with a nice merlot bottle for $10, good way to relax and after 8hrs car travel we walked before and after tea.  
2nd days travel was not as early, but on the road by about 9 so a good start with the sun shining. Actually this trip has us driving with the sun in front of us, starting on the right, crossing to the middle and ending up on the left, so plenty of visor travel lol.  And the way we went, a few dirt roads which is fine when you have a good sturdy car like my beautiful Nissan turbo diesel ☺☺
Good old dusty road out the back shot. 
Worked on this crochet washer day one and finished day two with then, another item started. The man is quite happy doing most or even all of the driving and knows I will take over anytime he likes but a good time for me to catchup/complete/do something, while in the car as passenger.
Stopped on day two at Coolah for a good lunch at this pub. Typical aussie style, good old friendly people and great food, and COLD beer. 
The little menu, we went the open burger and the open steak (me the steak). good prices.

Oh and this poor guy hanging around the pub too. Would not want to run into this guy in the bush......

Our lovely COLD beers. 
The meals, front one is the man's burger and the back one obviously my open steak and nope I did not eat the chips (well had 3 total) and also left one half of the roll too. 
Coolah is the home of the black stump so hence the name of the other pub in town.  Below is a link from wikipedia, feel free to google for more details if interested.

A lot of nsw towns do the reverse park into the spot, which is easy when you leave as can see both ways whilst driving out of car park spot, but not so easy to park. 
There you go, this town says it is theirs and here is a link to wikipedia re this town being mentioned.

Getting to see loads of gum trees and less of the farmlands along the road, still in nsw. It is a very large state in  Australia (for those who live overseas)

Our 2nd night motel in the town of Armidale, quite a large town and we got the courtesy bus to their services club, but the meals were not as good and Cowra, but a good night  anyway. After 9hrs again in car we arrived early enough to get in a good walk around the central of town so able to exercise our legs. Will leave you now and back with the rest of the drive and our arriving in qld for next post. Today picture downloads are taking FOREVER lol. take care everyone xoxo

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  1. Sebastian and I say "Hope you have an Awesome trip!!!" looks great fun, sampling traditional Aussie stuff along the way, you two could write a travel guide lol ENJOY!!!! xoxoxox


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