Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers day may 2012 and a great weekend

YES!!! This is nice and bright and just how I feel after a wonderful weekend spent with my Mum and my kids (adults) and 3 grandchildren. This is now the back of the cushion I showed in last post, the little granny squares with grey, so a non bright side with a very BRIGHT side, makes me happy lol.
Hope you all had a wonderful mothers day no matter even if that is with the fur/feather babies or just enjoying a good weekend wherever you are......

There she is, my mum, their Nanny and much loved. Had a wonderful day prior to this pic at the cinema's seeing "The Exotic Marigold Hotel" with Maggie Smith and Judy Dench, a wonderful film. Although the title I kept saying Erotic lol, and by the next day even Nanny said that word to her oldest grandson lol lol. She somehow reckoned it was all my me..... lol lol My 2nd sister Julie joined us and was a fun day out.

Gorgeous Sarah and number 3 son Ray and one of Sarah's 3 kitty's, this one is Dexter, Sparrow would not appear to let any photo's happen lol.

The grandsons, they  like to hang out in a dark room with the DVDs, beautiful boys, 13 and 10.

The hallway to DD's new abode (rental), it is huge and she shares with her oldest male Cousin and they are all very happy ☺

Ray again and not a very good one of me lol, he did say I should smile lol.

A nice pic of us three, isn't Sarah pretty ♥☺ she gave Nanny a nice Mothers day at her lovely abode as my youngest grandson said, cute guy ☺☺

And my number 2 son Frank, with his beautiful partner Fiona.

Fiona's and Franks little Misty, cutey and has the most amazing blue eyes and blonde curly hair.

My oldest nephews little girl, such a pretty little thing and LOVES patting Sarah's number ONE cat DANTE'. He is a very placid cat and best thing is, he loves ME. I miss having fur around......

Sebastian, number 2 grandson is very very good on the keyboard and played "The Lion King" to us, then he got Uncle Ray to join him in some duel keyboarding. Lots of laughs were had ALL day.
No pics of my beautiful number 1 son Mr Rex as he lives interstate, but to make the day even more perfect a phone call with even more laughs and good times. We all have wicked sense of humours so others around us sometimes think we are a bit crazy and you know what,, I THINK WE ARE!! LOL LOL. And Mother's day for me is when ever I see my family, even my extended family not just on one day of the year ☺
Hope everyone had a great weekend, where ever you are. Next post may not be till we get to sunny qld for a 2 week holiday to catch up with my oldest is & bro' in law and a couple of very good friends. Take care till I am back here xo

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  1. Oh Mum how very lovely of you! Mothers Day was so good, our family is tops. That cushion you made is Absolutley Stunning, great work Mum! I'm loving your Blog, I get a real feel of what you are have a way with words and plus pics I feel like I'm there! Love you lots and lots, Sarah xoxoxoxox


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