Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Completing Crochet and laundry update

Have been on a short role with completing some crochet things so very happy with that.
Baby blanket below is for a niece and her and hubby like 2 teams, one black/white, the other gold/brown.
Due in June so don't know if they will see this, but that's okay.
Real good feeling to finish something. Pattern is just dc rows with a border of SC, dc, trc, dc, SC for those who know theses stitches (USA terms)

The pattern for the cushion cover comes from wonderful and the pattern can be found here Not as bright as Lucy's work but I think pretty, especially for me, used lots of leftover bits and took me over a year due to other things going on in my life ☺☺
Decided to make Mum a couple of washcloths for Mothers day to add to the goat soap, jam, perfume. This one is knitted and pattern from this book
This one  is crocheted and do hope she likes it.Pattern link here Also taking her to the movies on Saturday to see THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL. Then Sunday over to see Sarah's new place and catch up with those sons of mine and the 2 grandsons too ☺☺

Update on the laundry, tiles all back on floor, trough in, front loader installed on top of heavy duty drawer and look, I now have a tall cupboard. Very neat and will be able to store lots in there.

All the brooms etc are in that cupboard with plenty of shelves. Thank you bunnings and the man.

Obviously the May page of my calender.
Off to donate blood today, do that every 3mths with the thought  of my dear dad and younger brother Andy, both no longer with us and like to think I am helping others survive.
Will try and get a few Mothers day snaps on Sunday and post after the weekend. Hello to anyone out there ☺☺

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