Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mulwala and the mans daughter

Well have not been here in over a week!! Dont think anyone missed me lol. We went to Mulwala, near Yarrawonga for weeks holiday with the mans dear daughter also joining us. It was a lot of fun and a bit too much eating and drinking so now needing to get that walking happening and consuming less ☺☺
There she is, the man's dear daughter on a walk with us near Wangaratta.

Northen beaches on the river near Wangaratta, beautiful spot but after floods a lot of trees down.

Ohhh a group hug, not a great shot though lol

One of the many trees down after all the rain and flooding.

Us having a friendly hug,thankyou to DD being able to take one of us both.

Nice bbq lunch in Milawa, after sampling cheeses, mustards and olives. Great place to visist Oh and Brown brothers winery too was excellent of course ☺

There she is again and think you will see that tongue of hers a LOT!!

Got to have the regular shot of our little sunny enjoying being on holidays with us ☺

Think the man and dear daughter were having a chat lol lol lol.

Outdoor swimming pool at the Resort we were staying at Egdewater Resort Club.

View from not far from our room and obviously where we could bbq a breaky one morning.

Back of our car and unit we stayed in, us downstairs and DD had her whole upstairs to herself.

There she is hanging out with Cow Shrek!!  They have these amazing cows all over the town near Shepparton and in Shep too.

Is this a heavy metal cow lol

Lion Cow.

Educated Cow


Mini painted cow.

A little display of mini cows about $40+

Think this one was called "cock a doodle moo"

OH there is that tongue again lol.

The big strawberry.

Ok, sorry for this one too lol. On one of the paddlesteamers only this one was NOT STEAM.

This one is the steam one!!!

The beautiful old Emmylou.

Got to love those paddles even if this is not steam driven.

A bit blurry but there she is on one of our many day outings in the back of the car.
Lots of pics, but could have been many more but I kind of took less this time.  Next holiday will be in Queensland Coolangatta in under 2 weeks time for about 2wks as accomodation is for 1 week with us needing to allow for the looooong drive.  Hope everyone has not missed me too much ♥♥

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