Wednesday, April 25, 2012

PLUGS!! Food, Koala and Laundry

I know, this may seem crazy but....... anyone out there (if anyone reads this at all) have problems purchasing a plug that will actually keep the water in the sink???? bath??? basin???? not this one, to flimsy.

Nope, not this one either....Looks nice but water just drained quite quickly and I know the sink is okay as one of the older plugs if you stuff it in firmly water holds.

And yep none of the works unless the one next to the silver guy is stuffed in hard.
Crazy I know, but are there ANY plugs out there.... taking a few back except the dirty looking guys in this pic as well they kind of work depending on what you do at the beginning of filling sink/bath/basin. Just want a good reliable PLUG!!

Thought I would have a go at beef wellington with filo pastry as a healthier version for me and Mr. Just made up a quick recipe with mushrooms/capsicum/onion/garlic/thyme with a splash of red wine to put around the nice piece of eye fillet we bought and a couple of potatoes.

Nothing better than home brown basil with carrots and a dash of maple syrup.
The meal turned out really nice and quite healthy too.

Bit blurry but here is a progress shot of the koala from last post that I started for this Ravelry link

Finished, had a problem with the safety eyes due to backs being way too small, but thank you to brainwaves from a Rav friend, the man drilled larger holes so walla, eyes on, I call her "pretty in pink"

Close up of the earrings, think I know a little girl who might like Pretty in Pink.

Exciting the new trough installed and some nice blue borders to cover wall repairs, but is a really nice touch.

Tiles put back and new wooden edging around which wont be seen anyway once machine and new cupboard all put in place.
Heading of the visit my mum again then Friday off on a week holiday to Mulwala. Hope to do a bit of a post/pic thing whilst away. See you soon people ☺♥

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