Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ufo's and things I should be doing

Well here is the picture of the Peacock I picked up for a friend which was a gift from her mum but obviously unable to post in the mail. So I collected him  from her Aunt and then met another lovely lady who was then going to be going through the town she lives to drop it off at another friends house. We call this the CLV express which is a group of people who love  crochet and knitting and get together when we can and help each other out with little deliveries, nice to help ☺

For myself I am putting some of my started projects, wip's/ufo's whatever you want to call them but NOT all of them as that would be too hideous for me to think about lol.  This is the start of a Koala, True Blue and I am doing a pink one for a future gift for someone and needs to be completed by end of April for a forum over on Ravelry with Laughing Purple (who's blog is on the side bar here) and this is the link to the forum if you are into crochet/knitting/reusing etc, lovely group of people there too.

This is a jumper I started over a year ago and is just hanging about in a cupboard which badly needs going through and this completed, but have so much more on the go.

Another pair of socks started and hope these don't take me over 3months to make like my last pair as I love wearing my own made socks, whether knitted or crocheted.

A scarf in the making for ages now, but it is made up of all the little offcuts of wool tied together from all of my many projects. It is also an idea of Laughing Purple to do this and then make something out of instead of just throwing the bits away, will be an awesome scarf for someone eventually ☺
Ravelry is a great place if you are into crochet, knitting, sewing or any crafting and is free to join with HEAPS of free patterns, help and great friendships are made here.

This week the weather turned ugly with a LOT of rain, did hear Sydney had massive amounts too.

The self sown Lavender is loving the rain and growing like crazy, I must give it a good trim before we go away again if the rain gives me a chance.

New Coriander plant which we will keep in a pot indoors mostly and outside when raining or if we are away. Nice to have handy for flavouring the odd dish, reminds me of the taste of lemon grass.

This is like showing anyone how bad I am at letting the sewing/craft cupboard get out of hand, really need to do a major clean up/sort out and use the 4 drawers that I have for my wip's/ufo's.

Another cupboard and another room, soooo must also fix this up too sometime.

Don't think my over locker really uses wool/cotton of this type so, yes, sort it out lol.

Realised I had not turned the page on my calender so here is April, looooove this pic very much. Might try to remember to show each month as it turns as some really neat pics with it.
Has been a week I think since last post, have been down with my Mum who has regular health check each 3months so had a fun time with her but no pics this time, maybe Mothers days shots eh??
Hope you are all having a good weekend ☺♥

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