Monday, April 16, 2012

Laundry renovations continue and the vegie garden

The front loader is now on its own drawed shelf and at a perfect height, no more  kneeling at the machine

The drawer is pretty big so can fit lots of laundry type things and my own tools too.

No more hole in the wall, all repaired and painted, now just need plumber to install the trough.

Amazing what a bit of villa board can do to a wall, ready for electrical point to be reinstalled.
Don't like finding this on my tomatoes plants!!! They are coming to an end, but, that does not mean some hideous green bugs have to sabotage the plants. Soon sorted this guy out and his friends ☺

Thought after attacking the bugs I would trim and re stake the last of the tomatoes plants.

Only a few fruits left on this one, but will be eaten by us, not bugs lol.

Picked up some lettuce seedlings from Aldi so in they went, hope they grown okay. Weather is amazing at the moment, but I know that wont last.

Also planted (unseen) Daffodil bulbs all along the front of this garden so now the long wait to see them come up and flower ☺

Those Corella's are still going crazy around here and the Cockatoos have also joined them upsetting quite a few of the neighboring dogs lol lol.

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