Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yummy food further laundry renovations

I had some mince so googled for a recipe and found this and were easy to make as I make bread quite a bit anyway so had ingredients to hand.

Look at these yummy tasty morsels, well rather large but nice. I also added some mixed herbs to the mince and garlic of course, love the stuff.

This is the Kilcunda cemetery, what a magnificent place/view.  Perhaps being a cemetery not exactly magnificent, but this is a very beautiful place and I have an Uncle and Aunt who are buried here.

Now no door in the hallway to the laundry so the man can paint it and get on with more.

The holes that are in the actual kitchen cupboards have now all been boarded up so no more spiders coming in lol.

the man cleaning as he goes ☺♥

Inside one of the kitchen cupboards to show the repair job for the holes. Kitchen will be replaced but that will be at a much later stage.
Been on the road to take mum to medical appointment and catch up with one of my sisters to, no pics of that and reckon they would be very happy with that for some reason lol lol.
Oh and also did a little pick up and delivery for a very nice lady, but cant show the pics yet as she has NOT seen what the parcel is yet, so next time maybe ☺

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