Monday, April 9, 2012

Over Easter fun

Well easter was a good fun time and the painting continued done by that special man ☺

There he is, working away

Filled in lots of holes

Nice touch with the blue man hole cover to match back door ☺

The completed Waldo Puzzle crochet sqaure, almost did my head in lol.

Dont you just love a good sunset, this one was soooo orange, love it.

Whilst waiting at the station just had to take a pic of mr diesel

Who could be arriving........

YAY, my lovely daughter and her 2 special boys ☺♥♥

Us out for lunch for our birthday on the same day.

Waiting with a nice beer

Got to toast ourselves and quench our thirst after some retail therapy lol

Her roast pork for lunch, great $10 value

My fish and chips also $10, going to go back often lol

Outside La Porchetta for  birthday tea a very full moon

Who is this druid lol lol

After some yummy pizzas and even more yummy red wine

Does the man look happy lol lol, hanging out with us crazy females.
Well they have been returned home and had a wonderful birthday and lots of fun with grandsons,  no  other pics of them, silly Granny.  Oh and computer died so now working on older, slower baby, has to get sent of as under warranty.......damn.

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