Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wonderful weather, fun & catching up with friends/family

We have been having a wonderful time enjoying some pretty warm weather, definitely DO NOT need
any jumpers/skivvies/coats. Continued enjoying that view from the balcony a lot. Caught up with a friend
who did live in victoria many many  years ago and great time chatting, eating, drinking and fun. She came with her hubby and stayed a night and also loved the view from The Beach house Coolangatta.
As you can see above two friends and a magnificent view ☺

Took a zoom shot from the balcony just to show all the buildings of surfers paradise, a very busy place. Even more so as they are getting a tram/rail system in so LOTS of roadworks.....

I know, I know, a little bit too much zooming but I was under the path of the planes leaving coolangatta so just could not help myself, was rather excited lol

Here comes another, but did not zoom this time so a better shot.  I can thankyou to a friend that the man has made on a caravan forum site. We met him and his wife for drinks and then he told me about this great place Tugun where there is great chinese food and the plane runway is right next to it, so got to  see it that night and of course just had to go back ☺☺

We left our last accomodation to go visit my lifelong friend and her  hubby for a night and this is the view from the bedroom her visitors get to use, amazing eh??? We have known each other since kindergarten and even were born is same hospital, but I was born before she arrived. Our nanna's also were good friends.
Lovely to have such a special friendship and love her dearly ☺

Here is the view where they eat most of their meals in their apartment. In Brisbane the weather is pretty warm year round. Although on the friday we arrived I think we brought melbourne weather with us lol. 

And here are the four of us. After this holiday think I better take up walking 2hrs a day. Whilst away we do walk a LOT but we also eat a LOT. lol.
The bad thing though is I also got to see my older sister and brother in law a few times and did not take 1 single photo!!! And we had great time catching up and good meals too. I will just have to get snap happy when I see them down my way when they visit or just have to come back again sooner ☺  Hope everyone is not too wet as I know a lot of rain has been about.
Take care all and be back again soon for more fun blogging. xo

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