Monday, May 28, 2012

Market at West End and Carrara and now in Labrador

Whilst still with my long time friend and after a great night out at a Greek restaurant Ouzeri followed by a giggle watching Eurovision then off to bed, she told me about the saturday market. And if interested here is the link as I did not take any pictures while there, but did of the few things I bought.  Was a good walk (close) and huge with such variety and as you can see I bought baby carrots, basil (which she bought and shared with me ☺), olives, tiny tomatoes, a great rosemary/olive loaf and a purple sweet potato.

I also bought some Olive leaves to make myself and interesting cup of tea.  This tea is loaded with an arsenal of antioxidants and link if wanting to read more

And here is my cup  of tea almost all gone, really enjoyed it, but then I do like some pretty weird mixes of teas and food lol.

Then should have mentioned when visiting my qld sister for lunch we went to this really neat Austrian Cafe and had a really tasty lunch. No pictures of course as I mentioned in last post but a good time.
We left for our next weeks destination, only just over an hours drive. So now in Labrador in a 3 storey older style  classic holidays accommodation. Settled in and unpacked up on the 3rd floor, no lift so plenty of stair climbing for us,  but hey, we NEED the exercise lol.

A full kitchen which we have cooked up a few good meals

The view from the balcony.

Our bedroom with full robe and mirrors.

Guest bedroom with single beds facing each other.

One bathroom with full laundry facilities too and separate toilet.
Is walking distance to a great park and can see Seaworld in the distance across the water and a good chance we will actually go to it and maybe another theme park too (will post if that happens).
Next day did a walk around for exercise and look see.  Off in the car to Carrara market no pics again (really must keep camera handy, but here again is a link HUGE place and plenty to look at, buy or eat. We only bought some licorice which has chili in it and quite nice ( I love chili).

Weather has cooled down a bit but not stopping us from getting out and about. My qld sister also told us about theme park passes for unlimited for 3 parks valid till june 2013 so we have bought these and now can go to any of those parks as often as want and we will certainly be back here within the 12mths so good fun already today and over the next few days. Hello to you all and may your days be good ones ☺♥

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