Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Theme Park fun at Seaworld, Movieworld and Wet n Wild

Here they come!! The wonderful penguins at Sea world on the gold coast. Got our unlimited till June 2013 tickets sooooo going as much as we can over next few days and putting pictures here so expect below, HEAPS of pics.
Walking on the ice, which of course they love.
Amazing how tall these guys are and they love swimming and leaping out on their fat belly's lol.

Good old Pelicans living here because they have been injured and unable to go back out into the wild.  There pretty happy with the meals of fish coming around and just hanging out in the water.

If you look out in the water, there is a dolphin doing a headstand (tail up), same as hand stand but of course they don't have hands do they.  At Sea world they have a few performances daily and the crowds love it and some special people even get to swim with them.

Now this used to be called the Corkscrew roller coaster, but about a year ago changed to Seaviper and was painted from white to orange, but we did not go that year. Now as you can see is closed for super maintenance so I guess will get to ride it in another 6mths or so. My record was 20 times in a row on a non crowded day when I was a bit younger.
This is part of the currently closed seaviper corkscrew, mega fun when open

The man getting on the Jet rescue, big  chicken me not.

He is 3rd from the back on the left side facing here.

The good old Flume water ride which I even went on with my 2 oldest when they were only 5 and 3 ☺

Up the top, me taking pic from over my shoulder

Now this one is newish and you get MEGA wet. One of the boats in the background where you all go around firing water from the guns at each other, but also the PUBLIC can shoot at you as you slowly go by.

It was a lot of fun  but our guns did not work lol
As you can probably see we got VERY WET lol, but was fun even if it does not look like it ☺☺
Now off to Movieworld.....

This rollercoaster is in the children's area and is a great chance for little people to experience a coaster. We road this with quite a few under 4's so cute and they loved it.

good drop and twisty turny fun.

Good old scooby doo, mini coaster in the dark and very sharp corners.

One of those water/boat type rides with a big drop at the end, not like at Disneyland, but great all the same.

Off we head, the only 2 in this boat.

Took this shot when we got to the top of the beginning of ride

Got to love these buildings around movieworld. 
oooh and here is the man himself, a little dark I know but was in between buildings and just had to get a shot of him.

Ahh now here is a very interesting rollercoaster.

Oh yeah, way up high then down you go, think 0 - 100klm in seconds

And the proof re rode, us in the back seat. First visit yesterday we did not, but today on our return visit I think craziness attacked lol.

Look!! Superman even pushes you through lol  

Yes another shot of BATMAN, hmmm do you think I have a slight obsession with men in different outfits lol.

Now this ride used to be called Lethal Weapon, but it has had a revamp, same track but faster and much better belting/harness equipment, so no more headaches.

And this is what this ride looks like.
There I go up the climb and see you get to have your feet dangling, not as bad as you might think. I was waving but doubt you can see it here lol.
The man did the photo's but on our next visit he also rode with me, neat ♥

Here I am coming off the ride in a t-shirt my youngest boy gave me, and I love it!! Not a normal mum/granny type t-shirt but those who know me, think of me when they see bats and skulls lol
Also the grey hair is taking over now I have stopped colouring my hair.
On to wet n wild, which is what the man loves, his name is Paul for those who don't know. 
I hate these things, give me a rollercoaster any day. Water and a slide don't mix for me, to out of control.

And the other slides, this place has heaps, but he only went on 3 as day was cool and  you have to do a LOT of climbing stairs.
And there goes Paul climbing a LOT of stairs, brave man.

Ok, and here he is at the top and you get to stand in a cylinder type thing and the floor drops out and down you go and around the bend and out at the pool. This is the man who reckons he does not like roller coasters!! No way would I have any floor dropping out from under me...... 
Whooo hooo out he comes alive!! He went on another 2 types and does really enjoy it very much.

After all the fun, thought we would have a walk along the spit in southport, I just love the wild ocean there.
Beautiful here and very windy too. Surfers buildings are in the background.

And of course we went back to Seaworld just for a few snaps, actually 2 more times so really getting our moneys worth. Gorgeous Polar bear, apparently 5 but we only saw 2 who were swimming on day 1 but photo's turned out no go, so here is 2 from day 2 visit of only 1 of the Polars.

So furry and so dangerous too. ♥

And another trip to Movieworld saw us ending up with this special guy. Daffy waved us over and one of the movieworld staff took my camera and took this picture for us, how very kind and neat. I love Daffy. And goodness mine and Paul's hair matches lol lol.
Well this was a long one and hope not too boring. It is fun though just typing under the pics of what we did, wont be the same when back home, back to crochet shots and veggies unless they have all been flooded out. take care again everyone ☺☺☺♥♥♥



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