Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Final day and the trip home via Parramatta

Our final days had plenty of rain but did not stop us having fun and just enjoying being in a great place as far as climate goes as we knew we were heading back to temps of highs of 14  which can be lows for gold coast area.
Just around the corner from where we stayed the 2nd week was this neat street sign. Combining my brother and one of my sons, silly I know but special to me ♥

Now these palm trees are very interesting and know they are known by many names but they are the Pandanus Palm and here is wiki link

My good friend Grace wanted to take a pic of me and Paul on our final drop in for coffee on the road home. Our special on the road t-shirts lol.

Here she is, my friend Grace and her cute little dog Cooper ♥

This is her lovely hubby Tony.
Of we headed for Parramatta with a stop at Kempsey for the night to split the trip up and of course the rain went with us too.

Next day as we were getting closer to Parra of course the rain was with us and as you can see could not even read the sign for Parramatta lol

Nice simple accommodation in Parra and walking distance to everything, including the ferry/trains/bus if wanting to head into Sydney (nsw).

Oh look who came over to visit us and then head out for a tea, yes my lovely boy Rex, isn't he handsome? I love him and of course my other 2 boys and Daughter very much.

Next day we decided to do some touristy things and get the Parra ferry which Rex had never done even though living there for a few years. $14 return ($7 each way as only sell single trip) for us to go to Sydney for the day

Here is Rex enjoying the Ferry ride (30mins) and view along the way and it was a really nice day, with a brisk breeze.

And yes here is Paul also enjoying the trip ♥

Getting closer to Sydney and here is the Harbour Bridge which apparently took 8yrs to build and here is a link which also shows that you can climb it too if not afraid of heights

Going under the bridge and a glimpse of the famous Opera house
and off to the aquarium at Darling Harbour
A cute little platypus who was so fast very hard to get a good clear photo, but at least you can see the cute duck bill and here is link about what they are

A very interesting Lobster, love the purple colours.

I swear that shark smiled just for the photo lol.

Illuminated jelly fish, very neat to see.

Sword shark swimming over us.

Pretty tropical fishes.

Walking around and under the sydney harbour bridge.

Luna park in the distance and still a beautiful day but the last I will see of Rex for a while, sniff sniff.

Leaving Parramatta for our mega drive home and found out there was a lot of storm damaged (trees on roads) and flooding so the highway we took to go to qld was closed so had to go the longer way back which made trip 11hrs instead of 9.....

The little dog on the tuckerbox just before Gundagai These links at least mean I am not going to rave on too much lol.

No rain in this part of north east Victoria, unlike Gippsland where we live, had 200mls of rain in 24hrs......

Purple fingerless Mittens I made for Rex on our drive back and will pop in the mail to him.
End of this trip and back home to do the usual wash/clean but had a wonderful time and now posts will be back to more normal things. take care everyone xoxo
Leave me a comment anytime as I love to hear from any of you ☺

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