Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baby Ripple crochet hat finished and Trevor

So here is the completed ripple hat from the pattern in last post and yes I sewed in all those ends plus many more from the extra rows I did, that is the hideous part of using a few colours but worth it.

Here is the back of the little hat on my model and a bit big but at least can be turned up for now and even on the baby who ends up wearing it too and then turned down as baby gets bigger.  And the beauty of crochet you can add rows as they get older to make that hat last a long long time too.

Here is my model, isn't he sweet?  He belonged to my mum and when I was little (3-4yrs) I named him Trevor, probably after a new cousin at the time so was allowed to play with him.  He is one of those lovely porcelain dolls from around the 1930'3 (mum is now 87, sorry mum but no one will tell anyone I put your age here lol). He had a terrible accident whilst in my care and I was taking him for a walk in my dolls pram down the steps of the concrete veranda to the asphalt pathway in our front yard.  And yes ( I can imagine the gasps in the distance as you picture it) he fell out of the pram (I was about 5-6 at the time) and onto the path and cracked/broke his head.......... oh boy was I upset and can imagine my mum was not too happy either. But at that time the doll's hospital existed in Melbourne/town/city so my much loved Nana took him and thank goodness could repair him just like Humpty Dumpty with special adhesive so he was almost/not quite brand new again.  I can still remember my Nanna telling me that the ladies at the hospital said that if "He was to have another accident/breakage then that would be the end of him and had to look after him extra special and never go down steps with him in a pram again".  So of course as you can see I never did unless carrying him very securely or better yet, just playing inside the house with him.  He now lives here with me in my old doll's cot (which is painted black, my choice lol) and with various other doll's I have and my old soft toys too, so pretty happy. But I think he probably would like a whole new outfit as his is ancient to say the least, but still looking good as you see below ☺
Also can you see his hands are a little worn due to old age and his feet, poor little man and the below shot showing his terrible scarring, makes me sad, but happy I still have him. 
And below is the mob he hangs out with, some are cute and cuddly and a couple have little horns so don't look to close if you are a bit afraid of that type of doll.  Here is a link to these kryptkiddies and my 2 are blue face girl Kitsune and little boy with horns and teeth Blitz, even cookie monster likes hanging out with this lot lol lol.  
Really, I am quite a regular type of gal just a bit different in my tastes lol.

Now these new ball's of Stylecraft Special DK from Deramores Online store and I have a plan to make something in the future with these, again such lovely soft wool and great price. Bright colours eh?  Till next time, take care everyone xo

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