Monday, June 18, 2012

Ripple baby hat and snaps of Swingbridge area Sale

Hello, Having a go at a ripple crochet baby hat for my niece who is due late this month. Already made the blanket which I showed here baby blanket but of course not very pretty as is in the collingwood and hawthorn combined colours (football teams afl).
So I chose these from Deramores stylecraft special dk except the black as I another brand that  I could use instead for now. Deramores is a UK based Online superstore for all your crochet/knitting needs with  fantastic pricing and really quick delivery.
The stylecraft is acrylic but soooo soft and loving working with it. Oh and added the black (not a baby colour I know) because I can and I know she will like the added depth of dark lol.

So it is looking very cute so far and lets hope I continue so it is completed before end of June as I am good at taking ages.

The ends of each colour, not a fan of sewing in ends at all, but know there are many out there who feel the same.......... might sew these one in before I continue on tonight.

And here is the pattern I found via good old google baby-ripple-hat-crochet-pattern and it is an easy pattern and working up quite pretty, and also has mittens, but not doing those. I will post completed pictures once done but now for some snaps of those flooded areas around Sale rivers The Latrobe and The Thomson.

This is where the Latrobe and Thomson meet just out of Sale on the road to Longford and normally not quite this high or as muggy brown. And here is a link for info of Sale and that swingbridge

I am standing on what is called The Swing bridge which is a bridge which turns around to allow tall boats through and where the bit of fencing is, would be where you COULD park your cars while you have a walk or picnic.

This is the view from the other side of the bridge (me still standing in the middle) of the masses of water now there which is The Latrobe continuing on but no where near as high of course.

This is the car park from the other picture so you can really see the amount of water.

One good thing is the water birds are loving it and these guys are the Purple swamphen purple swamphen which is almost identical to the Pukeko Pukeko from nz and this is what I always call this bird as sounds nicer than just swamphen lol.

Another shot of obviously farmland under water. It is receding but with us starting winter, it is obviously going to be a very wet one.

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