Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trying to feel warm and finished Platty.

Hello again, thought I would pop back with a few snaps from around home (garden) whilst I was trying to feel warm. Weather has been low of 2 and highs of around 13 so rather nippy after the trip to sunny qld. I do like the cold though so that is a good thing ☺
Here is one of my Rosemary plants in flower, I love rosemary soooo much and makes a lovely tea and of course so useful in cooking.

Those chilli's are thriving and yes I love hot food, Paul is not as crazy about hot as me but I try not to over do it in foods we are both going to eat lol.

Mini plant (should be a lot bigger) but has red capsicum just waiting to be picked and maybe roasted and then put in a good healthy sandwich with some cheese, yum.

Look!! Do you remember me showing you the shot of bulb planting in this post vegie garden
Well now I see a Daffodil just starting to poke up through the soil. I know I said I love Daffodils and will say it again, and cant wait to see a row of them, lets hope I am not away when they all flower as that man is planning more trips.....

Look how much the lettuces have grown too and now I am eating most days and few leaves picked fresh for my sandwich or with our meal at night.

This lemon tree has the nastiest thorns, but I forgive it as look at all these lemons, 5 in this pic and that is just the part I could photogragh properly, HEAPS.

Working on a little pattern for a clever lady out side (yes sitting on the milk crate) trying to warm up a little as inside the house the other day was 3 whilst outside was 12.

There is no end to this Rhubarb it just keeps on growing and I really must keep cooking it up as I do love it and have a recipe for a nice cake (low fat/cal too).

Here he is.....Platty, a pattern from this clever lady Polly the spotty platypus and pattern will be available after June.  Was a lot of fun to make and he is made out of leftover wool, many years old.

Named Platty because yes he has plaits.
Hope you are keeping warm where you are and thankyou for visiting.

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