Monday, July 30, 2012

Cold and rainy in Lakes with a bbq and Kangaroo's ☺

Well late yesterday we thought we would walk to the Cunningham Arm walkway to go see the ocean.

But the weather turned and only got this far. There was a black swan which I wanted to get a shot of, but not really wanting to get drenched I decided against it.

Next morning off we went and the Swan was there again, with a very friendly seagull, but reckon the Swan really wanted it to go away lol.

The walkway bridge is called Cunningham arm and fairly new.

As you can see was very windy and mighty brisky too. 

Worth braving the cold and possible showers to see the ocean, Bass Strait.
Not a very bright day at all, but still.....

On the way back from walk Mr said he had 2 vouchers given to us by the accommodation where we are staying for a cappuccino and 1 truffle from mmmtruffles . I chose chilli and Mr chose ginger.
We then purchased 8 to take back home after our holiday if they last that long lol.
Chilli, Ginger, Cookies Cream, Raspberry swirl, Turkish Delight, Honeycomb and can't remember what the other 2 are so until I taste it will be a surprise lol. 

On a more simple subject that refurbished camera we got did not come with a lens cover so Mr came up with a great idea of cutting off a stubby holder (beer cooler) and here it is and works wonderfully. I may just crochet something to make it look a bit prettier though ☺
After arriving back at accomo decided we would go for a drive and have BBQ somewhere. Decided on Buchan which we knew would have a push button BBQ and here is one of the many they have. Quite new and like a lot of BBQ facility's undercover which saves you getting wet!!

They have a great playground for the little people and also able to stay here in either Tents or Caravans and also on site cabins, neat.  Have stayed here overnight many years ago in a tent.

Now if you look real close you will see at least 4 Kangaroo's and I reckon I can see a fifth.
Just in case you want more information Kangaroo

Black Jay although also mainly known as Currawong. Plenty of them around where we live as they seem to love the wet wet wet ☺
BBQ of lamb chops, onion and garlic, yum, did not eat this till about 3, so pretty hungry and it was FREEZING lol.

Buchan creek which helps fill the pool they have here, which I did not take picture of as I HATE empty pools, weird phobia I have.
Isn't this kangaroo cute, just a young one and nice they moved closer for better shots with that new camera of mine ☺☺
This could be mummy and just love how mostly when taking photo's of animals they turn their back to you. Well I waited ages just for this simple shot....
There is the moon coming up over the Kangaroo's and beautiful park. Not quite full, think that happens on Thursday, today is Monday here is Oz.

The Buchan river just outside of the Buchan caves area. The caves are really worth seeing but we did not this time as no one around and not really the weather for that.

Just a scenic shot on our drive back from the road.
Stopped off on the way back to see a Trestle bridge which we have seen before but I wanted to take new snaps with the camera but not loading so will do that tomorrow or day after.
take care everyone ☺♥
Hope you enjoy joining us on these travels too.

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