Sunday, July 29, 2012

Continuing holiday in Lakes Entrance

Last night we decided to use the convection microwave oven and purchased a piece of belly pork. Now I don't want to sound crazy but had read another way to get good crispy crackling is by using bi-carb and here is the link to read and as you can see looking mighty fine with roast potatoes and a little marinade I made under the pork. 
Turned out great with some basil carrots, so tasty ☺☺ Extra bike ride and walking will be done.
Next morning after a light breaky
we headed off to check out the Bairnsdale market to find, yep not happening lol.  This happens a lot to us while travelling around, it either happens the day before, or will be happening the day after we are in the area. But to be kind the Bairnsdale market is in an area where it can flood and with all the rain around recently the ground is very wet underfoot so no market till late August.
So while still in Bairnsdale I thought take a picture of the neat statue built into the side of  the church.
Incredible. Taken with a slight zoom on new camera. 
And this is in same position on super zoom, neat eh, amazing detail on the statue.
And back on the road back we went.
So we decided to check out many of the eating places in Lakes and decided on the RSL and as we are doing a lot of walking and riding, we could enjoy a nice bottle of Cabernet Merlot with our lunch.
He had Rissoles with gravy and there was salad but was already eaten by the time I decided to take a snap. 
I had the Grilled Salmon with Bearnaise sauce and also had eaten all my green when I snapped this and also did not eat all the chips, just a few. 
Walking back along the foreshore came across the wood carvings (done with chainsaw!!) of a World War 1 nurse. 
Then Simpson and his donkey link for the story here .

Simpson and another soldier he helped over to his donkey.
The other side of that carving. 
The front of where we are staying with out car in the background. 
The pier opposite our accommodation. 
My new bike helmet as the other one had no padding inserts as they had eaten away lol.
This one is really comfy too so now to go and do more riding ☺☺
All pictures taken with my older mini camera.

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