Sunday, July 22, 2012

Double header STEAMTRAINssssssss!!

This is the day steamrail come to the Latrobe valley for a special snowtrain trip from Melbourne. They drop of people at Moe for the snow/walhalla section by bus then on to Traralgon where people spend a few hours then back home again in the afternoon. This year they have organised either steam from Moe to Traralgon or if living in Traralgon a bus to get you to Moe then Steam so I got the bus with many other excited people as you can see here.

This year is a double header Steam with R761 a beautiful engine which in the crowd you cant see very well lol.
An old pic I have but rather small of R761
will have better as this is a whole day shoot with me coming home and going back a few times lol.

The other attached right behind R761 is R711 a beautiful blue engine.

Yes a snap of me (taking it myself ) and yes I am very happy but does not look it lol.  See the people in background up on the pole tower getting a better view.  I was in carriage 10, 3 behind the engines and a window seat so was mega happy.
Here we go, got too love the smell of a good steamtrain, although you cant smell it here so just imagine.
Climbing and huffing, but got to go very fast with 2 pulling us along.
Kids love hanging their heads out and so did I ☺
Just a small sample of the crowds that park on side of roads to take pictures and also stand along the track. 
TOOT TOOT, there is my brother, I was as excited as him, love you R and L
my sis in law who I missed in this shot, but has apparently got me ☺☺♥

Now the footbridge near our home and my faithful man waiting patiently to do a movie of me on the trains he is about 6 from the left, thankyou lovely man ☺♥
Now at the station and the best shot I could get of R711 with all the little people very excited.
Went home for a while and came back to the station and here are the carriages lined up, all 12 and the 2 steam engines in the distance near the turntable, lucky us, we have a turntable yay ☺
See how the carriages are in the middle and the steam trains are on the right, well the left hand track is the one that they will need to be on, for the return journey heading towards us.

A zoomed in shot of the 2 still together r711  in front of r761.
The turntable.

There we are, a good front shot of mr blue☺

Walking along side, my was I enjoying this☺

And the lovely mr red ☺

Coupled up, but will be put back other way around for return journey in another hour.
They will now have to go up the track to come back to link up with the carriages and then move them back up the track for quite a long way till passed the link to let them reverse back into the 1st track (main) for the return back to Melbourne, whilst allowing any v/line trains to keep to their schedule.
Just to be kind I took a snap of one of the v/line velocity trains, neat.

Here they come!!! Now on the foot bridge up the road from my house with many other crazies enthusiasts

Oh my the sound of the train whistle and this time with 2 of them ☺

ssssss ssssss love it ☺ 

Now covered in soot lol.

Goodbye steamrail xo

Oh yes those road works continue, now attacking the neighbors driveways this coming week.
 It has been a wonderful day and will now get back to my crochet to chill out. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend ☺☺♥♥
And love and hugs to those who need it.


  1. Hi - I am your newest follower. I love trains and this adventure looks like a lot of fun! Looking forward to more of your posts. I have always wanted to visit Australia and now I can through your blog! Enjoy the week ahead!

    1. Oh thankyou and welcome to my blog. Will be lovely to have you following and I do go away a lot so you will get to see plenty of fun aussie things ☺☺

  2. Just awesome!!!
    Must have another steam train trip again...


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