Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Granny stripe still going and something different

Yes the granny stripe continues to grow slowly, really should just get on with it more. It is very bright and I know the recipient parents will love.

Now here is something different!! I have a very healthy Rhubarb plant and came across this drink recipe and thought, hey, why not see how it goes lol. Rhubarb-Vodka-Recipezaar
Here is the very healthy plant and I have eaten heaps stewed so nice to try something very new and could be nice ☺
I halved the recipe so just cut up the rhubarb.

Weighed up the white sugar.

Put it all in an old empty bottle of Beenleigh rum (very nice I must say).
And added the vodka, although I could not fit the 1/2 litre, or the full amount of rhubarb and sugar but that's okay, so just under the half recipe.
Now it has to live in a dark cupboard for 2 months with a shake ever 2-3 days, so think this will be going away with us as we head off friday for Lakes Entrance lakesentrance for a week.
Still waiting on my new camera to arrive so hope that is before friday!!


  1. This looks a fun time! Trains are always great to see and leave you with many great memories!

    1. They sure do, and thanks for coming by ☺


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