Friday, July 27, 2012

Heading off to Lakes Entrance

Oh yeah, the roadworks now like parking in our drive lol
Luckily they left before my visitor arrived on thursday.
Yes my sister J came to visit for the night, she HATES having her pic taken so this is the only one I took and she may be a little angry when she sees herself here lol, love you J xo.
So today we got ready to leave for our one week trip and I will say I am not going to miss this.
Or this at all.
And the car all packed ready to go to wiki/Lakes_Entrance,_Victoria
This time taking our mountain bikes, not that we go mountain riding, just like a sturdy bike. We have not ridden for at least 2years so wish us luck......
Not a great pic, but this is my new camera, it was quite cheap as factory refurbished and I really just want to see how I go with a bigger zoomy camera.  My older one is fujifinepix a820 and being replaced by fuji finepix s3280 with 24x zoom, so hope it goes okay, but have both with me.
Off we go, yay, the flowers are always happy to be out ☺
Only a 2hr trip for us to Lakes Entrance so an easy drive.
Here we are staying at the Lakes Riviera beach resort, very close to the beach and walking distance to everything.
The Lounge/dining area.

Kitchen with even a dishwasher.

Convection microwave in the cupboard, have plans for some good old cooking to happen in it for sure. 

The bathroom, with a Loo next door.

The main bedroom.

Spare/guest room, no one joining us this time though.

The laundry complete with machine and dryer.

And yes our bikes out under the clothes line. Went for a quick ride up the street to check out where everything was as had not been here for about 2yrs I think.  Came back and then headed out for tea as there was Steak night on at the sports club, forgot my camera duhhhh so no pics. 
Well hope everyone in happy ready for the weekend. I will be back with more pics and of course crochet too ☺☺♥
Hope you enjoyed the little tour around.

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