Sunday, August 5, 2012

At home

Yep, back home for now..... I missed seeing these guys till now and looking a little jaded but still beautiful. This one is the best of a group of 6 in the front garden, with the ever growing Bay tree in the background.

On the weekend the road guys are not here so nice and quiet and we now have new drainage to stop the little creek/river that often developed with the deluge of rain we get here.

See, no mowing on this nature strip for a while lol. Now they are going to dig up road and then reseal with a speed hump or 2, possibly this coming week.

The Aloe Vera plant my lovely daughter gave to me from her garden is thriving. She no longer lives at the same address so perhaps I can now share with her at her new place.

More from Sarah, lovely succulents. This is a very damp spot in our back yard and they obviously love it here.

The Rosemary is happy flowering and in person is very bright purple, but does not show in this shot.

The beginning of the Daffodils in the back yard along the vegie garden which has more weeds than vegies. Really must get on to that weeding.

Lemon tree is going crazy, and has heaps of little green ones developing.

The backyard view from the fence towards the house.

The moon last night, which looks full but is a day or 2 past the real full moon.

And the beginning of a little crochet project which I am testing for a clever lady ☺☺
Home to catch up with family and then another trip planned with the van in another week or so.
Hope your weekend is a special one.

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